Festivals And Celebrations Call For Some Great Food

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Festivals are best celebrated at home with all the traditional fervour- the best of attire, food and much good cheer…

Yet, for many who are in Pune away from their family and hometown, this isn’t always possible and that is exactly where we come in!

We at Pune365 know this feeling well and decided to hunt the city to find you places where you can savour on your traditional dishes to have the most of the festivals you are missing out on.

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Baisakhi Fare 

The Punjabi Harvest Festival is celebrated today across the country. While noon is the time to pay respect at the Gurudwara and savour on the Langar, the evening is the time to enjoy the day with great food and traditional music. You can enjoy all of this and more the authentic way at this place in Pune. Choose from a variety of North Indian Dishes from their menu and get the party started.

Where: 18 degrees Resto Lounge, 8th & 9th Floor, Spot 18 Mall, Pimple Saudagar.

Cost: Rs 2100 for two (approx.)

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New Year With Kerala Salmon Curry

A perfect place for spicy food lovers, Kerala Café serves some fine examples of Kerala cuisine in the city. Their zesty dishes from Kerala cuisine will make you fall in love with Kerala food, say their regulars. Some of the other dishes which should not be missed are Chicken Thengavaruthathu, Chicken Mappas, Prawns Mappas and Salmon Kerala Curry.

Where: Kerala Café, 64, Barons Club, Lane 13, opposite joggers park, kalyani nagar.

Cost: Rs 1000 for two (approx.)

Boishakh with Murgir Jhol

Celebrated in Bengal, parts of Assam and Tripura, Boishakh denotes the start of a new calendar year and the end of the harvest festival. Hence, it is a perfect occasion to indulge in traditional Bengali dishes. If you are up to savour the authentic delicacies like Dhokar Dalna, Potol Posto, Sukto, Begun Basanti, Echor Chingri, Murgir Jhol, Chingri Roast, among several others then head to Sen5es, Marriott Suites and end this day on a sweet note with a selection of desserts.

Where: Sen5es, Marriott Suites

Cost: Rs 1100 (approx.)

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Enjoy Odiya Food in Pune

When it comes to food, Pune offers an array of cuisines to choose from. But there are a very handful of places that serve the traditional delicacies as it is prepared in many households. Odisha hotel is one such place that has mastered the flavours and serves Odisha cuisine in its unadulterated form. With a minimalist ambience, traditional background score, and friendly staff, the happiness to try simple, comforting food just doubles. Want to have the fish, seafood and baigan bhaja then we have you all sorted.

Where: Odisha Hotel, Shop C-1&2, Adora Co-operative Housing Society, Wakad, Hinjewadi Road.

Cost: Rs 700 for two (approx.)


#All images, details and prices are indicative only. Readers are advised to check at the respective outlets mentioned. This is not an official Pune365Review and is intended only for reader information.

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