Fear Of Butterflies, Windy Areas And Medicines- Phobias Get Weird And Funny

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It is believed that Most human beings suffer from one phobia or the other…

From a fear of flying insects to getting stuck in an elevator, the feeling can be quite nerve wracking. Yet, the fear subsides within a few minutes all returns to normalcy.

The common phobias people suffer from are believed to be the fear of heights, flying, animals, creepy insects and lizards or so we thought till we spoke to these Puneites who confessed to their weird and borderline hilarious phobias- 

Technology is omnipresent today and has definitely taken over Anshita Thakur’s life.

From worrying about dropping her mobile phone while travelling, exhausting her data balance to a drained battery when she’s out, she fears it all.

“This may be because my mother does it all the time. Also, given the recent incidents of phone robbery and thefts, I check my phone at least 20 times when I am in public.

To add to this, I change my password every Thursday and often cant recollect the earlier one and then end up resetting everything all over again!” confessed Anshita.

“I hate anything with wings, they seem gross and unpleasant to me,” shares Parul Makhija, 28. “It’s like looking at bare skin and that gets me nauseous.

Birds, insects and even ‘beautiful butterflies’ make me feel weird and if that comes close to me, either I am dead or the person next to me faces the brunt.

I don’t even like pictures or decorative wall hangings at home,” Parul shares with a look of disdain on her face.

A BBA graduate, Pritam Rana, suffers from a phobia of windy conditions, be it a breezy roof top or sitting under a fan that’s running top speed.

“It is the way my body reacts. Although feeling cold is just one part of it, I hate it when my body is constantly in contact with cold air.

Air conditioning is fine with me, but nothing that irritates by hair and gives me goose bumps. I always wear wind-cheaters while driving and keep a sweat shirt handy when am out.

At home, my blanket is my last hope if I am surrounded by people who do not understand my issue.”

“I have a continuous fear of losing hair and ageing,” shares Lavanay Ray, 27.

“Not that I am so concerned with my beauty or am self-conscious etc, but the thought of getting older scares me.

I do not use any skin tightening nor lightening creams, but I do get constant dreams of going bald, getting old and not being able to live like I do today,” Lavanay exclaims.

At this day and age, we did find someone who had a phobia of medication.

Yes, Falguni Hansda, a 22 year-old student from Delhi fears that taking pills might make her body addicted to them.

“It’s not as though I haven’t had any medication is an emergency, but I do fear that they will change my biological structure and well-being. I believe the more I take, the more addicted I will get.

If at all I need to, I prefer taking homeopathic medicines and never allopathic pills or any syrups.” Falguni adds.

“I am 33 and I have a fear of jokers,” shares a city-based pharmacist.

“I find them very scary and unwelcoming, probably because of the many horror movies I have watched while growing up.

The worst are those juke box ones, from which the joker pops out of the music box, it scares the hell out of me,” she adds.



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