‏Facebook is apparently testing a downvote feature on a limited set of pages and for a few users in the U.S, to gather feedback in line with their intention to encourage ‘posts that generate conversation between people’.

This feature would give the users the option to downvote any comment or post on public pages.

It has been introduced for around 5% of Android users.
Testing on a limited set of pages and for few users in the U.S. only.
Not a dislike button.
Reddit, is an American social news aggregator, also has a similar feature already.
More users are able to use it since February.
It is still pending a global rollout.

Facebook also stressed that they are not testing a ‘dislike’ button, but a feature that will help them to collect feedback about any comment on public page posts.This would help them to flush out offensive material or spam.

According to a report, Facebook’s NewsFeed Chief, Adam Mosseri commented on the downvote test, saying that, “I think it’s quite likely that we’ll do it. The question is exactly how.”

Mosseri also added that he doesn’t have all the information yet, but early indications suggest that both upvote and downvote options could be added to post comments, giving people a whole new way to interact on the network. This would also give Facebook a new direct indicator of the audience interest.

While some twitterati believe this may work wonders, others reserve their comments pending the full-fledged rollout of the feature.

Stop Bad Comments

I always wondered if Facebook had this option of telling people how much I disliked what they shared and help them take it down without reporting it.

And bam, Fb is here, researching and experimenting this option,” says Mehek Kalra. “Giving a dislike or downvote button can definitely be exploited by haters, but will also help in getting a clearer perspective of the kind of content to be circulated on social media platforms. It will help filter hatred and mean comments and exterminate hateful reactions.”

Manisha, a city-based blogger thinks Facebook will again be under the radar with this new feature. How can they control and hide the comments of an individual?

If someone comments logically and yet, it is downvoted and taken down, then what is the point of speaking on a social platform if views are subjected to scrutiny?

Support Better Comments

“Why are they exercising so much control on a platform they term free and liberating? Hopefully, by the time India sees this feature, they will have some logical explanation for this,” Manisha adds.

“Personal grudges and political rivalry and unrest will be reflected a lot via this downvote button,” says Rakesh Singh, a clerk.

In India, many people create fake profiles to pass derogatory comments on the people they dislike.

“In such cases, this downvote button can be helpful to remove offensive comments. But, the others will also have to bear the brunt, as rivals will dislike the post just to take it down,” adds Singh.


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