Fashion Trends That Are Best Left On The Runway

Fashion Trends
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They say, fashion cannot be restricted. If you can sport it with confidence and persuade people to follow suit, it may soon be a burning trend! 

With easy access to the internet, people are just waiting to pick on any trend, even if it means painting the armpits green or growing a mini garden on your beard.

The fashion week has now kicked in with designers showcasing their spring-summer collections to the world. Much like every other year, 2019 has also seen bizarre trends that ought not to leave the ramp!

If minimalism is your fashion mantra, then this is going to be a roller coaster ride for you. Read on !!

Birds Of A Feather

Only if feathers were restricted to the faux feather coats or just an intricate detail to long flowy gowns or pretty dresses…  From bridal fascinators, to head bands, hair pins, ear rings, slippers to feather eye brows and even lingerie, feathers have flown far too far and is now bordering the bizarre!

Image Courtesy- Harper’s Bazaar

Oversized Hats

Hats adds the extra edge to any outfit, but can also be a head turner and for all the wrong reasons.  Oversized hats were actually in vogue, but they went astray from protecting the head to covering it entirely, leaving any room to breathe!

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Somethings Are Fishy

Fishnets are the favourites of the fashion industry. The hosiery that was meant to accentuate the lower body and used as stockings, tights are now all over the place! Fishnet body-con dresses have hit the runway and even made their way into the closets of the fashion divas. Would you come out in the scorching summer heat in your netted clothing just to grab an ice-cream?

Image Courtesy: Paper Magazine

Roller Skate Heels

Walking for long in high heels is exhausting and painful and so is roller skating!  Then, why bring them together and make life miserable? Without asking why these were invented, we had just to include them here. And yes, they cost a bomb too.

Saint Laurent’s Roller-Skate Stilettos Image Courtesy- Harper’s Bazaar

True Transparency 

Remember those plastic bags that were banned for polluting the environment? They have made a come back in a new sophisticated ‘avatar’. Clear bags and footwear were doable, but how about see-through plastic coats, clear plastic jeans and clear skirts? Clearly, they aren’t leaving us soon.

Image Courtesy: Life Buzz

Clothes Pin Earrings

If you ever clipped your sibling’s nose with a clothes pin, you may feel like a winner after reading this. Designers have some up with clothes pin earrings that are selling for up to $20 and no one is complaining.

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Ripped Stockings

Ever wondered what you would do with those ripped stockings that you just bought a couple of days go. You will be happy to know you can wear them now, as it is, without even worrying… They are the new style statement that everyone has a sweet-n-sour feeling about.

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