#FanSpeak: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Spoilers And More!

Game of Thrones
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The Eighth season of the epic fantasy, Game of Thrones kicked off in India and we just can’t get over the excitement…

Pune365 connected with hard-core GOT fans to get you some spoilers and honest reviews of the first episode of GOT Season 8.

Shreya Bhojani: Finally, the wait is over. Winter is here! And the winter seems very interesting. What a great episode!

It’s all about reunions and the truth we have been waiting for. Some of the awkward and joyful reunions.

The episode starts with Jon and Daenery’s entering Winterfell with the greatest army of all time and two dragons. Jon did make it back to Winterfell with the greatest army but not as king in the North. He bent the knee to Daenery’s and many in the north feels betrayed. And the biggest moment was Jon learning truth about his parents and about himself.

And the second was JON riding dragon. And the reunions we all have been waiting for,

Sansa and Jon. Bran and Jon. Arya and Jon. Arya and Gendry. Arya and the hound. Sansa and Tyrion. Theon Greyjoy shows up releasing Yara Greyjoy her sister from Euron Greyjoy (their uncle), who finally gets what he had waited for long, the Queen, Cersei. By bringing her the golden company. Further at castle black, the nights watch, and Tormund search the castle and find lord umber pinned to the wall with human hand around him, as a message from the Night king.

And the episode ends with Jamie Lanniester entering Winterfell and the first person he sees is Bran, who is pinned to wheel chairs because of him.

Shyam Mohan K: Its a decent opening…

No surprises. But personally, I felt the scene in which Jon Snow is told about his real parents, could have been more intense.

Otherwise it is nice. I loved the sequence between Jon and Arya. And also the one where he rides the dragon.

Shivam Tiwari: After making us wait for 595 days, the got finally returns on HBO for the 1st episode of season 8.

The episode titled Winterfell mainly focused on the north being prepared for the long night and the war with white walkers.

The episode was full of reunions and some of it were emotionally dull taking in mind after how long some of the main characters (jon and arya) were meeting.

The people of Winterfell didn’t seemed to be thrilled about the arrival of khaleesi and her dragons as they are accustomed not to trust outsiders.


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