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Romancing the lovely Pune winter with a hot cup of chocolate may seem like bliss and just apt for the lovely selfie, yet, your skin may not live upto it…

For David Malcom, a marketing expert, the task to keep his skin from cracking and burning has just turned complex.

“For the past few years, I have never had to think about splashing on moisturising lotions on my skin and feel like a marinated chicken..

This year, the weather is very unpredictable though. Somedays, it’s gloomy and overcast, the other days, bright and sunny and this probably explains why my skin isn’t coping with the winter.

My hands feel as dry as the Sahara and I may start shedding some skin from my legs. The only good part is that we don’t have to worry about showing off smooth legs,” Malcolm adds, giggling.

“The one thing that I have noticed about my skin is that it becomes highly sensitive in the winter over any other season.

Dry Skin in Winter can be a struggle for anyone to deal with. But it is not impossible. It’s just knowing that products to switch up for the winter. For example, a thicker moisturizer would be beneficial rather than something light that would be used in the summer. Winter weather can be harsh on the skin, so more moisture is needed to compensate. I have used multiple products and follow a good cleaning routine, but I am prone to acne and spots despite having a dry to normal skin type,” shares Naina Singh.

Dr. Shirreen Y. Poonawalla

To answer our reader concerns on winter skin care, we invited Dr. Shirreen Y. Poonawalla, City based Aesthetic Dermatologist, who addressed this went on to bust popular myths surrounding skincare.

“If dryness of the skin has to happen, it happens not because of internal issues, but because of external factors, like extreme weather condition (dryness), excessive cleansing routine etc.

To maintain good and healthy skin, the two important things to bear in mind are maintaining a healthy diet and following a regular exercise routine.

“When it comes to routine skincare, people should use a minimal amount of face wash and should avoid vigorous cleaning of the skin. There is a general misconception that frequent face washing is needed to avoid blocking of pores and acne, but ideally, washing the face not more than once or twice a day is what is recommended.

People end up with more skin issues with excessive cleansing and hence it is important that the balance is maintained.

“Moreover, knowing your skin type and using face washes accordingly is a must. Scrubs with micro-beads, toners, excessive bleaching of the skin (in winters) should be avoided as well. Toners with alcohol content take away the essential oil from the skin, making it more prone to sun damage and dermatitis. Also, the bleach may react more in the winter than in summers. In the winter, your skin can go through so much. You want to make up for the moisture that is lost, which is why the use of a heavier moisturiser and essential oils is beneficial. From looking into using something like Tea tree oil by Rouh Essentials every morning and every night, to using vitamin c oils in the evening, you’ll be able to notice a difference in your skin (with regular use). You’ll be surprised how much you learn when you’re so into skincare.

Few of the ingredients that you need to look for in your moisturiser:include Squalene, shea butter, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid

People with special needs should use moisturiser containing ceramides and phytosterols for best results.

For oily skin, a gel-based facewash and for dry skin, a foam-based facewash is ideal.

“Additionally, the winter sun is a bit harsh hence regular sunscreen application is a must, with a good moisturising regime. The skin needs to be moisturized either once or twice a day, immediately after bathing and face washing.

Busting the myth that home remedies are the solution to every problem, she adds, “It is not always true that kitchen remedies are beneficial for everyone. People should avoid picking up ingredients from the kitchen and start using it and they might land you in trouble.

Our expert also throws light on the extensive marketing of vaginal washes and cleaners. “The skin has got enough barrier to protect from any bacteria to survive.

Nature has provided enough security and protection, so don’t fall prey to such fads. People doing excessive washing and cleaning also end up with rashes. Basic hygiene of keeping the intimate parts dry and clean must be maintained.

The take home message is to be gentle with your skin,” adds Dr. Shirreen.

Winter and Skin Care TIps:

  • Washing the face only once or twice a day is recommended.
  • Moisturizing is a must for all skin types.
  • Regular Sunscreen application.
  • Scrubs with micro-beads, toners, excessive bleaching of the skin (in winters) should be avoided.
  • Home remedies can land you in trouble too.
  • Using a body cleanser that maintains the Ph balance at 5.5.
  • Body should be moisturized immediately after bath.


##All recommendations are for reader information only and is not to be construed as professional medical advise.

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