#ExpertSpeak: Making The Most Of This Bingeing Season – Sensibly!

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Binge eating and skipping the gym routine is typically common this party season and Puneites are no exception… 

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve round the corner, most people are battling with the thought of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and routine and yet, soaking in the party fervour.

Yes, predictably, Pune365 has it all sorted for you! Read on. 

Junai Ranpara, a travel and food enthusiast shares how maintaining the momentum to eat on healthy and nutritious food during winters is a tad too difficult.

“I believe winters is that time of the year (when despite trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout!) one tends to compromise. At times, voluntarily and occasionally with peer pressure.

However, the guilt remains and the realisation that one will have to return to eating healthy after new year’s eve keeps haunting you.

People who have adopted a heathy lifestyle can find ways to stick to eating healthy and following a balanced and nutritious diet even now. However, someone like me who wants to eat healthy but loves good food find it really tough to stop at just a soup and avoid the cheese loaded pizzas!

Satish Mohan shares the common problem that every other person faces during the winters- binge eating and a disrupted exercise routine.

“The one thing I encounter every winter is the binge eating whilst lazing under my blanket.

These two months are the time when I gain the entire years weight. Eating on anything that is readily available, bingeing on junk, alcohol and skipping the gym!  All because, ‘it’s too cold to get out of the blanket!

And then follows the after-party lousiness that always follows to brainwash you into thinking that a healthy lifestyle is just a fad,” quips Satish.

Dr Manisha Bandishti

Answering these concerns and giving our readers a fresh new perspective on eating right and taking care of your overall well-being, is our city based expert Dr. Manisha Bandishti. 

Dr Manisha Bandishti, Leading city-based dietitian and lifestyle and obesity consultant, answers key concerns and gives our readers useful tips on how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the spirit of the season.

“Hunger, Viral infections and Joint pains are some of the most common problems I hear people complaining off during the winter.

Winters can make you hungry and it leads to weight gain as we tend to eat fried and fatty food.

If you feel hungry during winters, consume foods which help you feel full longer and sip on plenty of warm lemon water.

Additionally, it is easy to catch a cold for which you should eat fruits containing Vitamin C which you help you boost your immunity and help to fight against these infections. Some of these include kiwi, oranges, amla (gooseberry) and lemon.

For joint pain in this season, it is advisable to practice yoga in your daily routine.

Also, include food items rich in Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. For E.g. Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, Sardines, Flaxseeds and Walnuts.”

Some other ingredients include: Asafoetida (Hing), Cumin seeds (Jeera), Holy basil (Tulsi), Sesame seeds (Til), Pearl millet (Bajra), Ginger (Adrak), Whole Eggs

Winters are the best time to incorporate some of the tested ingredients from nature’s treasure trove. Dry fruits, Whole Grains, Pulses, Black Pepper (Kaali Mirchi), Cinnamon, Jaggery (Gud), Edible Gum (Dink), Ragi (Nachani).

With New Years and Christmas on the cards, here are some tips and tricks that one can follow:

“Have a bowl of soup or a glass of buttermilk before going to a party.

The menu generally gives you a gist of the food items listed. In case you are not sure, ask the person serving you. Grilled, baked, steamed or boiled foods are healthier.

Avoid buffet-style restaurants as the spread is very enticing and makes you want to taste everything. At a party, go around and check out the food options and then fill your plate with your favorite and healthy food.

Eat slowly-that way you eat less!

For dessert-fresh fruits and fat free yogurt are good options. Desserts should be eaten before the meal. Alcohol during meals is not a good idea as it tends to increase your appetite.”

“After a party, people are usually guilty and indulge on wrong food the next day as well and this is a big mistake…!

So, it is all about how fast you can come back to your fitness regimen the next day,” Bandishti adds.



#All views are those of the respondent’s and Pune365 doesn’t necessarily subscribe to them. All information here is for reader awareness only and must not be construed as professional medical advise. 

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