Exotic Indoor Plants To Adorn Your Home

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Flowers and other potted plants are a great addition to your home space. Indoor plants help to add colour and beauty inside the home along with being air purifiers. There are a variety of plants that you can keep indoors as well as outdoors that will suit the Pune weather and need very little maintenance.

“Anthuriums and Bromeliads are entirely new plants in the Indian market. They need a lot of water and humidity; Both variants are from Holland but they can easily be kept indoors in Pune weather conditions,” explains Prem Narayana, manager, Rise ‘n’ Shine, city-based botanical boutique.


Anthurium is a plant that needs to be kept in the cooler spaces of the house. It needs humidity and a good amount of watering. They are most commonly known as painted tongues. The plant’s height may only grow up to 15 to 20 inches. They can grow in sandy soils as well as heavy clays. They do not need direct sunlight and need to be watered as soon as planted. In winters, they need less watering and a six-week rest period.

Anthurium plants at Rise ‘n’ Shine


Bromeliads were introduced only last year in the Indian floral market. Its bright colour adds a bright touch to the house especially during a sunny climate. They are extremely easy to maintain and long lasting. The most common types of bromeliads are Guzmania and Aechmea that grow like rosettes with their strappy leaves around a central cup. The leaves are thick and have backward facing spines that could be harmful if not handled with care.

Bromeliads at Rise ‘n’ Shine


Orchids have more than 200 different species. The most popular ones are Dendrobium, Mokara, Phalaenopsis and Vanda orchid.  Orchids generally need ample water but at regular intervals where they are allowed to dry. If kept indoors, they need 50 to 70 per cent of humidity. If the leaves are bright green then that is an indicator that the orchids are getting enough light. Dark blotches can appear on the leaves indicating that the plant is sun burnt. Sometimes, insufficient light can also cause a delay in bloom.

Phalaenopsis orchid at Rise ‘n’ Shine


Hibiscus plants are known for being one of the best outdoor additions to have in your garden or balcony. You can grow it directly in the soil or preferably in a container so you can move it around. They are mostly tropical plants and cannot survive extreme winters. During the hot climate, they require lots of watering but once the weather cools down, then the watering can be reduced accordingly. High-potassium fertilisers can be used to add nutrients to the soil to ensure a colourful bloom.

Hibiscus plant at Rise ‘n’ Shine


Poinsettia plants

Poinsettia plants are known for their bright red or green leaves which add to a festive mood in the house. They typically enjoy cool and humid conditions with moisture and indirect light. They need to be watered just enough when the soil feels dry to touch. They generally bloom during winters but after that, towards spring, they need to be maintained and watered less. You may want to cut the stems and repot the plant.


Aglaonema plants

Aglaonema plants or Chinese evergreens is an indoor and outdoor plant that blooms the best with indirect light. The soil must always be kept moist as the plant is demanding of humidity and water. There are several varieties of this plant that are available. During summers, preferably keep the plant outdoors in a space where it gets enough light. In winters, it can be used as a decorative piece in the house.


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