Are We in the Era of The Sugar Daddies & Mommies? 


People like being pampered in different ways. For example, someone takes you out on a dinner date and pays your bill. Someone presents you with the most expensive clothes. Someone gives you a brand new phone that you probably only dreamt about.

Vidisha Joshi, 21, says, “There are so many people who look at dating as a way of getting gifts which they might not be able to afford by themselves.”

It’s like you date a rich guy and you know he has the monetary strength to gift you the new Iphone. When the time comes, you ask him to gift you that! Personally, I wouldn’t however date a guy for his money.

Because he might be rich, but a douchebag on the inside. And I don’t think I’m the kind to settle for that.” 

Ankurita Lala herself believes that there are some people who get into relationships for the sake of money and status. She says, “ I know a few of them who are in a relationship just for money.”

It’s sad but it does happen.

However, I am completely against the idea of being in a relationship for anything other than mutual love and respect.” 

Shayonnita Mallik has a different point of view on this particular topic.

She says, “ I am sure people who get into relationships for money have their own compulsions.

The only thing that makes me sad is that they probably have little value for love. I am sure it is unfair for the other person and I hope for their sake they are clear of the other person’s intentions. I personally would never get into one, because it’s beneath my dignity to ask any man or woman to pay for me.

I feel like I would be obliged to them and that, I am not okay with..” 

Karan Kishore feels that it comes down to the nature of the person.

He says, “ No one will of course ever accept it themselves or even show it in the slightest manner but yeah there are people where the driving force can be money.

I know a few who won’t ever acknowledge it. But yeah! I also think that it’s a two way street. Every person if not straight up but deep down knows that the other person in the relationships is one way, or the other, in it for the money!”

“For a daughter’s parents to say that find someone who is financially stable when it comes to marriage does a say a lot about how relationship are dependent on marriage” says Kaarthik Ranjan.

Anandi Saha

Anandi Saha

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Anandi Saha