Enjoy the monsoon with sizzlers at Hyatt Pune!

Indulge in this rainy weather by heading straight to Hyatt, Kalyani Nagar’s month-long Sizzler Festival held at their restaurants Baan Tao and Eighty-Eight. With just the perfect, cosy weather, tantalise your taste buds with the smoky flavours of Indian, Continental and Pan-Asian sizzlers. “The sizzler actually originated from the way the Japanese used to prepare sizzling dishes teppanyaki style. From there, this was adopted in the USA after World War II in a restaurant in California that used to serve steaks,” explains Chef Sarika Kamble, Chef de Cuisine, Hyatt Pune.

Using a host of ingredients, the meal is divided into starters, main course and dessert. The theme of sizzlers is used in all three courses. For starters, the most delicious choice is the wok-tossed and sizzling Crispy Corn Nibblets with Sriracha sauce. Heading straight to the mains, the most popular sizzler on the menu is the Cajun Spiced Chicken Sizzler. Tender chicken pieces are roasted in a spicy Cajun mix and served with vegetables on the side. For the tandoori lovers, the Chicken Tikka Sizzler is a sheer delight to eat as you can taste the rich flavours with every bite. The BBQ Mushroom Sizzler is filled with a subtly flavoured assortment of barbequed mushrooms, potato wedges, grilled peppers and peas.

Apart from this, you can also take pleasure in making your own sizzler with options like prawns, tenderloin, chicken along with cottage cheese and vegetables served with rice or noodles. The exotic vegetables mixed with stir-fry noodles in black bean sauce on a sizzling hot plate is just the perfect way to unwind as the day goes by.

The sizzling palette is taken to the desserts as well. Indulge in a sinful yet comforting portion of Apple Crumble Pie. The warm pie with its crispy crust and sweetened apple pieces will only leave you asking for more. The classic Sizzling Brownie and Ice Cream is the best way to end this smokey fiasco. Vanilla ice cream is the perfect accompaniment for the hot brownie that balances out the sweetness.

The Sizzler Festival at Hyatt, Kalyani Nagar will go on till July 31.