Enjoy cocktail blends from Campari at JW Marriott!

JW Marriott is celebrating Negroni Week 2017 – an international week-long charity initiative. The Negroni week brings people together to celebrate the iconic Campari-based bittersweet classic cocktail; whilst raising money for some great charitable causes.

The bittersweet classic cocktail phenomenon is a trend that transcended from its birthplace in Italy to the rest of the world, resulting in the international critical acclaim of the Negroni – the ultimate Campari-based, Italian, bittersweet classic cocktail.
Celebrate the iconic Campari-based bittersweet classic cocktail at the Negroni week.

When: June 5 to 11
 Lobby Bar, Mi-A-Mi, Alto Vino and Paasha; JW Marriott Hotel Pune
Call:    +91 98232 32373