Easy Ways to Wriggle Out Of A Sticky Situation

Sticky Situations
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Life is no smooth sailing and worse still it can put you into a sticky situation where you have use the grey cells for the Great Escape.

A sticky situation, so says the dictionary, “Is a particularly awkward, embarrassing, precarious, or difficult situation or circumstance.”

Having established that, life serves up such situations on a regular basis and there are times you are hopelessly trapped with nowhere to go. Many could be of your doing in the first place.

It could anything – from awkward pauses in conversations, dating your boss’ daughter, keeping two options open on the love front, insulting without intent, planning a quick getaway to escape a bore and so on and so forth.

The thing to do so is Act Now. Or you perish.

Here are a few tips which may give you that little push so that you slip out of a sticky situation smoothly with haste.

Pauses In Conversation: Exit time folks. Pick up your stuff like mobile, bag etc, say cheerily, “It was great talking to you”, and away you go.

If you feel it may be a bit rude, just quickly pick a point from your earlier conversation, revise it with them, and go back to the above step. That will be smooth.

The Boss and His/Her Offspring:  Love knows no boundaries. You may fall in love with your boss’ daughter or son but don’t ever get caught. You may lose your job, security, sleep and may get ostracised in the jobs market. So make sure that you meet surreptitiously, as far away as possible from the office or his house.

Tip the waiter handsomely, show him the boss’ picture and tell him to warn you if he ever enters the restaurant you both frequent. Also as safe option, bribe the boss’ driver and domestic help to give you advance notice of his intention.

Safety first must be the motto. You live on the edge anyway when you tinker around with the boss so don’t tip over. Best give it a go by and search for an uncomplicated situation.

Accidental Insult: This is a very common occurrence. You may pass a remark which may hurt the other person unknowingly.

The direct approach of apologising is best. But if you find that difficult divert the insult on yourself, make a joke out of it and change subject quickly.

Two At A Time: The human mind is so complicated that it may entertain two love interests at one time. With the ego being what it is, you may choose both as an option. But one mistake can be fatal to both relationships. So study their habits, preferences and where they hang around.

Ensure that if you are the centre point, the others should be at a distance of minimum 20kms each side and must never meet.

By chance if your eyes stray in other directions and seek a break-up, then call both to the same venue for coffee after having booked the same table and take a trip to another destination indefinitely.

Escaping A Bore:  Dream away, stay away or run away using an occasional ‘yes’ before you take a decision.

Dating A Married Person: Risky business. Lust may land you in the soup. Don’t mess with Lady Luck.

You may get caught and be punished by God, her husband, his lawyer, her lawyer, their children, your psychiatrist etc.

Proposing To A Person: Very awkward indeed. This is where sign language would have been very useful.

Your happiness lies between “Will You Marry Me” and a plain “No.” Life is cruel and you are on your own here.

All the best!