Dr Shail Jaggi: Will flossing weaken my teeth?

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Here are a few questions answered by city-based dentist, Dr Shail Jaggi. She answers all the questions about various tooth problems our readers have. You too can send in your questions at editorial@pune365.com Alternatively if you need more than just answers, you’ll want to look into dental practices like Dentist Hartford and others that are local to you, so they’re able to fix your oral problems for you.

I’m 23 years old and I have some overlapping with my front teeth. I have been advised to wear braces but I’m not really keen on it. Is there another option to straighten my teeth?

Hi! Yes, definitely there are different ways to get teeth straightened. You can look at the option of ‘Aligners’. These are removable and can straighten your front teeth in six to eight weeks. Or you can have a look at dental arch implants. You can learn more about these implants at bellharbourdental.com.

I have a root canal done. Is it important to do a crown on the tooth?

After a root canal your tooth tends to become weak and may break on heavy biting. The crown acts like a protective cover for the tooth and prevents it from further damage. Emergency dentists in North Carolina are able to give you a root canal or a crown, or both if you so wish.

Will flossing weaken my teeth?

This is a myth. Flossing is just as important as brushing. The brush cleans the outer surfaces of the teeth and the floss cleans the between surfaces that a brush can’t access. Please floss! It will keep your teeth stronger.

I’m 65 years old and my teeth look discolored and ugly. Can I do something to make them look better?

At the age of 65, your teeth have seen plenty of wear and tear. Also, the teeth tend to become darker with advancing age. If the teeth are healthy without any damage then the best way to make them look beautiful again is to whiten them. Tooth whitening can work wonders to whiten and brighten your teeth.

Dr Shail Jaggi

Dr Shail Jaggi

Dr Shail Jaggi is a passionate dentist with specialisation in cosmetic dentistry and endodontics. She manages an Advanced Microscope Enhanced Practice – Dentalwiz dealing with all aspects of dentistry. Dr Jaggi is recipient of ‘Outstanding Dentist Of The Year -2015’. Dr Jaggi writes every Wednesday on Pune365.
Dr Shail Jaggi