Dr Know: My bf spends more time on FB. He is addicted to it!

I find that my boyfriend spends more time on Facebook everytime I meet him. I keep asking him to put off the phone or at least keep it away, but he appears to be addicted. What do I do? I have a feeling he’s flirting with someone…

Ahh! The social bug-bite. This damn malaise is worse than the dreaded bed bug that can take over your house and happiness in a jiffy. Be on guard dear, for this lack of faith in the hubby is like playing with 1000wala ladi. Ya ya, ladi is that noisy neverending cracker.

Spending time on social media is cool..Stop fretting and sweating so much over all this. Don’t you have an account on FB? I think you should get more active and connect with all those handsome hunks! Be careful, adding hubby, er, boyfriend on your friend list is avoidable. Sab apna apna like ‘each to his own’ types!

To be frank, I also think he must be flirting! But that’s ok dear. All part of blending with society. Just chill and do your own thing. Only make it clear that timepass on social works for both of you. Tit for tat and all those things you know.

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: Stop thinking like this! Why not spend that energy in going for a long walk or climbing the steps to Parvati? This will do good for your body and mind. Actually it will help heal your boyfriend’s body and mind as well. Then everybody can live happily ever after!

I just don’t know what to do. My boyfriend has this terrible habit of scratching his groin often, It is so embarrassing and I have told him also. I checked but he doesn’t have any skin issue either. It’s become a habit and I don’t know how to get him out of it I have told him many times but it happens involuntarily. Now it’s come to a point that my friends call him the billiards king. Please help. I can’t discuss this with anyone else.

Wah wah, whatte question, Madam!! I mean what a cock-and-ball story this is. He is scratching-scratching, so what is your problem? He may be a customer of Itchgard-type creams but that is his andar ka problem. Now, tell me frankly, don’t you ever feel itchy? And if you do, then what next?

Am sure you also scratch the root of the itch. Maybe you do it subtly and that’s why this is looking strange. See, if you go to the depth of this problem you will be able to solve the problem. This way you can pin-point the source component.

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: Stop worrying, honey! All will be well. All he needs is a decent pair of boxing gloves. He can box and all but will never get that ultimate satisfactory scratch. Soon he will stop. In the unforeseen event that the billiards continues we can refer the matter for a personal counselling. Please inbox the groin update if need be. All the best.

I have this old boss (he’s about 30 years elder to me) . I somehow like him a lot and he also chats me up. Only work stuff and all but I have this feeling that he likes me more than the others. We have a strange chemistryI think. I don’t want any issues with all this and yet I find him really attractive in a different way. I am enjoying my work too. What do you suggest?

Hmmmmm. I am getting those love type aromas now! This strange chemistry seems very strong and the emotional kind. Now don’t start getting tense. It’s fine!

This is normal and happens when you get a great person to work with. Someone who is caring and daring types. He is fond of you, cares for you and also motivates you to work like never before.

To be frank, I also had a crush for my teacher. She was beautiful, charming and so nice to me. Very caring but not so daring! It’s all about this growing up thing. No harm in some affection and love. Won’t killyou for sure. Feel the positive energy, reciprocate affection and do justice to your work and friendship.

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: My honest advice to you would be to just enjoy life, worry less and get all the warmth you can. It’s not always that you find someone who showers you with good chemistry. Just ensure you keep it at basic chemistry and not progress to physics and biology! So warm hug is fine but don’t get fevikwikked in his embrace.

dr. know 17 june bI find that my neighbour’s daughter keeps looking at me every time I wear my clothes and put on my trousers. You know some of our buildings are: matchbox-sized flats in buildings touching each other. My friends tell me I should try to ‘patao’ her. But I find her to be a bit of a vampy, aunty-types. Please help boss.

Very funny character you are! Why this chaddi-banian show? There is this amazing brainchild of human engineering called a curtain in case you don’t know. Why not buy some purdah-ho-purdah type things and do the needful.

Remember, the more chaddis and banian’s the more trouble this will be so curtail it at one pair. I know you are like the Hero no:1 and want to show your body to everyone walking past but you have to be considerate also.

Aunty/vamp neighbours may not have anything else to do so this show will be a like primetime soap. Stop being a show-off and start covering up man!

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: Boss, if your’e actually interested in auntyji, then check all aspects including number of dogs owned and present at her premises and then proceed with caution. Remember, it’s not worth losing your chaddis for anything in this world. After all, they are the most comfortable part of your life!

 Illustrations : Suraj Lokare 

So boys, girls, uncles and aunties, It is time now to say alvida but only for now. Dr Know will return next week. Just relax and keep writing to me at editorial@pune365.com and say for Dr Know and all that. Enjoy the weekend and carry an umbrella when you walk.