Dr Bajpayee: I’ve been having a recurring dream since a month…

Here are questions from readers that were addressed by leading Psychiatrist Dr Manish Bajpayee. The identities of the solution-seekers have been withheld to protect their privacy. You too can send your questions at editorial@pune365.com

Dear Doctor, I’ve been having a recurring dream since the past one month now. The dream is just bizarre and I cannot relate to it at all, yet I see it every night. It is disturbing my sleep pattern and because of this, I cannot concentrate on my work. Please guide me on what I can do.

Dreams are generally a repository of the whole days’ events. Your brain tries to make sense of it and it can be quite chaotic. The best way to stop this is to do some exercise and tire yourself. There is medication that suppresses the Rapid eye movement (REM) cycle. But I would recommend you to start exercising.

Doctor, my mother is a senior citizen and she insists on being sent to an old age home even though I am ready and equipped to take care of her. She is quite old and is at the early stage of dementia. She is eager that I send her to an old age home but I don’t know if it is better I take care of her in this condition. What do you suggest?

I would suggest that you send your mother to an old age home. We do not know what the elderly go through so you may not be able to take care of her in the best way possible. If you go to work then there are times when you will not be there for her, whereas in an old age home, there will be an attendant all the time. If you are worried about the cost then it is worth making sure your mother has a good Seniors Life Insurance policy in place. This may help you recompense some of the cost when she passes. A good and well-run old age home may be the best place for her. Maybe you can send her there for a few months. It will be a good change for her.

My little daughter sleepwalks every night. As a precaution, we shut all the doors and windows but this has become a routine since a few months. Is there any cure for sleepwalking?

There should be no attempted cure. Make sure that you bolt all the doors and windows so that your child does not come in harm’s way. There is medication for this which can be taken. Such things have a short span so it will wear off. You have nothing to worry about.

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am human and I want to form meaningful relationships in my life. But how can I do so with this disorder? Can you help me?

If the bipolar disorder is in control then you have the ability to for intense and affectionate relationships with people. There will be times when you feel withdrawn and then your partner should be able to understand your condition and reach out to you. It will be great for you to form relations with people with a similar condition or with those who are empathetic towards you.

Dr Manish Bajpayee

Dr Manish Bajpayee

Dr Manish Bajpayee is a consultant psychiatrist in Pune with over 20 years of extensive clinical experience in assessing and treating clients with a range of psychological problems and other mental health related issues. He is currently a consultant with Inamdar Hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic. Dr Bajpayee addresses reader queries every other Thursday on Pune365.
Dr Manish Bajpayee