Don’t You Dare Raise Your Hand On Our Children!

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There was a time, when teachers were considered the ultimate mentors and commanded natural respect from their students and parents for their work and acumen…

But things have changed dramatically over the past few years and cases of student bashing at the hands of teachers are common now.

Recent reports highlighted the case of a school teacher at Bhosari who allegedly thrashed a six-year-old, for making a spelling mistake in his class work. She then banged his head on the bench and then struck him with a board-duster and stick.

What is the root cause for such behaviour?. Are teachers and students qually responsible? Pune365 decided to speak to a leading city psychiatrist, teachers and parents and to check on the ground reality…

Seema Kashyap opines, “I believe teaching is a very noble profession. We are not just teaching them the basics of certain subjects; we make them good humans and that’s what teaching is all about. I have been into teaching for a long time now and some of my students are married too. Today, when they call me, mentioning their batch number, I feel delighted!

“A teacher should not expect a student to reach her level to understand. Rather a teacher should go down to the students level to make them understand.

Punishing students for better results is pointless. Every student has different comprehension capabilities. Average students can also do remarkably well in life and this is what a teacher should understand.

“Incidents like these happen maybe because teachers are frustrated in their personal life and take it out on the poor students.

If a students love his teachers and looks up to her, then he’ll definitely perform well without the need for canes and rulers, she adds.

“ I am a working mother and hence spend limited time with my son, but I make sure to know what happens in his school daily. Kids are sensitive and sometimes they hide things worrying about the result, so a parent should definitely ask their daily routine and also push them to share, so that things can be stopped before it happens.

Cases of teachers opting for the cane have been happening for a long time, but it’s the parent’s responsibility to make their children aware of certain limits and protection laws, says Asmita Dev.

Also, negligence by parents can have a bad effect on a child’s mind. Your Child is your responsibility first,” she adds.

Dr. Manish Bajpaee (Psychiatrist) says, “I believe that though the laws are made they aren’t implemented and punishments are severe enough. Also, students should be made aware of these issues at home first. Also, incidents like these affects a child’s mind deeply.

They harbour these emotions deep down and they remain lifelong. They will end up performing less than their counterparts academically too. It can be reversed proper measures need to be taken,” adds Bajpayee.


Vishal says, “ I am a teacher of Physics and Math and students face most difficulties in these subjects yet, I have never felt a need to hit or punish them.

“Proper implementation of rules is not done at schools and maybe these cases are the result of this.

“I think it’s a two-way streak, teachers still have a perception that beating is teaching and better grades come with strictness, maybe because its what they went through.

Also, in some cases teaches vent their frustration on students, due to work pressure and handling far too many students in one class. 

Also, the generation today doesn’t know to let go of small things, be it bad remark or a rebuttal, they take it personally.

I believe laws should be more strict, also there should be counselling for students and teachers, so that they both understand each others viewpoint”, he adds.

Discipline is much a part of schooling of a child, but that does not mean that one gets the liberty to hurt them physically, or mentally.

If a teacher is capable, she doesn’t need to resort to any such means. Earlier this wasn’t considered physical assault, but now with much more awareness these incidents are coming to light.

Parents, citizens and the students are far more aware now. Education and discipline should never be the reason for hurting students physically” says, Tarveen Kaur.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( few names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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