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Helmet Cognizance
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In the year 2017, a staggering 157,723 road accidents involved two-wheelers and claimed 44,092 lives. This startlingly amounts to almost 30% of the total deaths in India caused by accidents.

As many as 148,907 two-wheeler riders were injured in these accidents. In 2017 the number of helmet-less two-wheeler riders dying on the roads in India was as high 98 deaths a day.

For the record, 20 million (20192672) two-wheelers were sold in 2017-18 in India

If you still don’t believe that a helmet can save your life, take a few minutes to read what these expert bikers have to say. They join Pune365 today in making the plea to all two wheeler rides in Pune.

Sharat SharmaSharat Sharma, Journalist and a fitness and biking enthusiast who has traveled over 30,000 kilometres covering all 29 states, 4 Union Territories and Bhutan has observed two-wheeler riders, including pillion’s reluctance to wear helmets and shares his wisdom.
“Few cities in the country have rules in place which make helmets compulsory.  Surprisingly, in some cities helmet is not compulsory for pillion rider and in cities where helmet is compulsory, majority of riders wear helmets only to avoid traffic challans.

They wear poor quality industrial helmets to escape challans. Majority of people wear helmets without strapping them properly. Consequently,  fatal two-wheeler mishaps dominate the roads in India.

Moved by these two-wheeler accidents, I had undertaken the 244 day ride across the country on a bike to spread the awareness of usefulness of helmets and the need for following traffic rules.

As a nation we must strictly enforce traffic rules and strike hard on traffic rule violators. In addition, at school level there must be regular workshops to explain the benefits of traffic rules.

Today’s disciplined rider is tomorrow’s safe car driver. And the idea of observing traffic discipline must be nurtured at home, school and college levels.

As a society we all must focus on this issue.  Later police force should remain alert and practice a zero-tolerance policy to bring the culprits to book.

Pune city’s initiative to make helmets compulsory is praiseworthy. The city traffic police must involve local bodies, schools, colleges, welfare and residential associations and volunteers in ensuring the successful implementation of this rule.

Let Pune be the model city so that other cities too join the movement across the country and help save precious lives which are being lost and maimed in accidents. Let us all make our roads safe so that we all enjoy the journey of our life.”

Koco aka Kaustubh Dhavale, a biking aficionado, Composer and Guitarist of prominent Indie-rock band Agnee shares why protecting your head with a trusted helmet is always a good idea.

Resha S Joshi, 31, Fashion designer by profession and a member The Bikerni Group (First All-Female Motorcycle Association of India with a pan-India presence) and an Admin of its Pune Chapter learned to ride a bike at the age of 13 and got her first bike at the age of 18.

Sharing her views on sporting a helmet, she says, “Since I started riding, I have always used helmet.

I saved myself twice from a head injury in accidents and only because I was wearing my helmet. We riders always wear our helmet and it protects us.

People should accept this compulsion on helmets and start wearing them as it’s for their own safety. Remember when you are stepping out, there are people at home waiting for you to come back safely.

Our group strict and doesn’t allow members to ride without helmets and all women accept this compulsion as it’s about their safety,” adds Resha.

Explaining the importance of wearing a well-fitted helmet, Venkatesan Kalyanaraman, social activist and Founder of ‘Mission Safer Roads’ quotes, “I have been working around the cause to promote safe road practices among citizens because I feel road safety is a shared responsibility and accidents can be prevented.

Last year we had around 1.4 lakh people die on Indian Roads due to road accidents. My mission is to enlighten people about wearing a helmet as it would save them from a potential accident. I have had close ones die on the road just because the other road users weren’t safe.

Everyone using the road should realize that the roads cannot be safe unless each one of them contributes towards making it safe. People should support the helmet use for their safety.

I believe it is important for citizens to understand the importance of wearing the helmet and the benefits. Many people tend to wear the headgear just to get away from a fine. Helmet fitting snug increases the chances of survival during an impact and the one fitting wrong could be fatal.

I have done 200+ sessions on Road Safety and Helmets in various schools, colleges and corporate. Mission Safer Roads is a cause to Make Indian Roads Safer,” he adds.

Ashok Naidu, a vintage bike collector and city-based biking enthusiast vouches for the compulsory helmet campaign initiated by local traffic personnel.

“Helmets campaign organised by traffic commissioner of police Pune on 12th Jan was held on police grounds.

This was first of its kind in Pune ever happened. Helmets must be made compulsory for all riders and pillion riders.

And, only ISI brand helmets must be sold and purchased. Road side helmet sellers must be banned in Pune dist. Persons not wearing ISI helmets must be fined.

Helmets purchased must be of best quality and fitting firmly. But I still observe many are riding without helmets. Helmets will save many lives.”


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