Dogs & Cats on the Street-Do We Really Care??


Gilda Radner rightly said, “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.” 

But when it comes to them getting unconditional love from our side, do we actually give our 100% ?

Now, that’s something to really think about!

Recently the shelter of two animal activists, Padmini Stump and Ravindra Kasbekar was raided by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Both of them have been giving shelter to stray dogs and feeding, medicating and vaccinating them. According to them, the PMC had come to demolish the metallic shelter because the neighbours were complaining.

City Animal Activist Uma Karve says, “ The patience and tolerance level of humans towards their own breed is extremely low. So when it comes to dogs , it’s pretty much non-existent. However, there are people who generate awareness and go out of their way to help these pets. The problem is that the idea of kindness is missing”.

“I try my best to counsel first time pet parents. I usually tell them that, either be completely prepared to take the responsibility or else don’t.


Everyone watches these movies about dogs and cries when they die but in reality how many people actually help these stray dogs? Feed them on a daily basis? There are people who get disgusted just by looking at them and some even throw stones and sticks at them when they try to come near.The PMC had specifically come up with a project called the Pune Pet Park which was supposed to take care of dogs in terms of lodging, daycare and even for their final rites.

Sunny Chauhan. a 23 year old dog lover believes that the Government has always avoided such issues. He says, “ They come up with such ideas and within a few months , no one knows whether the idea was executed or not. The pet crematorium was a similar thing. They hyped it and now its nowhere in the scene. I personally believe that when you get a puppy, it’s like having a newborn at your house. You need to take proper care of it!”

I personally believe that when you get a puppy, it’s like having a newborn at your house. You need to take proper care of it!”

According to leading Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Sagar Bhongale, very few people devote their time and money on stray dogs.

One thing that he has noticed with disdain is that people spend thousands of rupees on pedigree dogs but cannot spare a single penny to feed the stray dogs.

The dichotomy of life; A dog is a man’s best friend yet when it comes to befriending the less fortunate pet on the street, there are only a few!

Anandi Saha

Anandi Saha

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Anandi Saha