Do We Indians Really Work Hard?

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While we all believe that none like working for long hours and all days of the week, apparently, we Indians are happy working harder than most of the world…

According to a global survey conducted by US-based multi-national workforce management firm Kronos Incorporated states that Indian is known as the hardest working country with 69 per cent of full-time employees. They say that they would work five days a week even if they had the option to work fewer days.

Mexico was the second-highest at 43 per cent of workers, followed by the US at 27 per cent. However, If pay remained constant, one-third of global workers felt their ideal workweek would last four days (34 per cent), while 20 per cent said they would work three days a week.

The survey further suggested that one in four global employees (28 per cent) are content with the standard five-day workweek.

Pune365 spoke to working professionals in the city to understand if they agreed with this findings and truly work hard themselves.  

As the survey suggests, Indians do really work hard. Along with five working days, we also work for long hours and weekends are spent doing work from home says Hrishikesh Pandit, IT professional.

I think this is essentially to meet the expectations from the family. Also, Indian children still prefer staying with their families as part of the culture and often there is pressure on them.

After all, nobody would want to look like a loser.  And also in the process of achieving success for a luxurious life we Indians work like donkeys. he added.

Willingly, nobody wants to work for 5 days a week. If given a choice, I would work only three days of the week, says Siddhesh Kadam, Photographer.

The work which is assigned for a week can be completed in three days without any extra burden, but we Indians have a habit to carry the work ahead and not complete it that day itself.

This is why it looks like we work a lot, but in reality we don’t, at least I don’t, Kadam added.

Akshaya Bansode, marketing executive says, “We Indians are open for donkey work each time and with a low salary.

Yet, I don’t think anyone in the world is satisfied with their job or the money they’re making out of it.

We’re always lagging behind and wanting more. Thanks to this, competition has reached such a level, we are stuck and unable to get out of the race.

Also, unemployment is on the rise due to which most of us work hard to show better results and keep the job, Akshaya added.

There is more hyped up work than actual work in the office, says Rahul Kanani, Entrepreneur.

I have been managing 26 people and the work assigned to them can be completed in three-four hours but they take all day to complete it.

Though, I personally feel that it is not their fault because as a boss, even we expect a lot from our employees. If they complete their work in a few hours, they will be given more work to do in a day. 

Hence, employees prefer working for long hours carrying on with the same tasks for the entire day rather than being given added work.

If companies in India expect only limited work from their employees, even they would love working for 3-4 days in a week.

Speaking about hard working Indians, I would just say we do more ‘donkey work’ than smart work, which cannot be termed ‘working hard’, Rahul quips


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