Do Pune’s Women Really Find Bearded Men Attractive?

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The long lost aesthetic of the royal lineage, the beard, seems to have made a huge comeback in the recent times..

Flowing beards and tote bags have become an integral part of the modern young man’s sartorial persona.

Pune’s beard sporting men speaking to Pune365 said that a good beard spoke volumes of the man’s masculinity and women found it irresistible!. We took this cue and asked city women what their perception of a beard is:

“First things first, I won’t ever dive into a relationship unless I am convinced enough of the guy being masculine enough physically and frankly, the beard bit does this work for me,” says Ritika Sahaniya.

Don’t ask me why, but it does appeal to me and the guys automatically qualify to go on a date,” Ritika adds.

Medha Vasant, a polytechnic student, says that the best way to judge if the guy is patient and caring enough is by looking at his beard.

“If the person has a well-groomed beard, one that uses beard oil from Bossman or somewhere else, and moustache adorning ihs face, it is most likely that he has both the qualities. A beard needs a lot of time, investment and scrutiny.

They pay attention to every stay hair and focus on perfection and this I find attractive, since I am an obsessive perfectionist myself.”

“Beard hai toh Money hai, although this does not rhyme, it is true,” swears Ashna Pandit.

“Nowadays, there are so many products available for beard grooming and if a guy can buy all this, he obviously can afford to invest in a few other things, including a lavish dinner date at a beautiful resort, proposing to at a picturesque destination and buying great clothes.

These things are important to me. Moreover, well-dressed men look sexy too,” winks Ashna.

Health and hygiene top the priority list for this 26-year-old banker. “Being obsessive about cleanliness myself, it is very crucial for my counterpart to toe the line on this aspect.

Considering that beards add to a man’s personality and looks, they also need to be clean and well groomed as well. I can’t bear the sight of a man dipping his beard in the food he is eating!

“The beard adds excitement to the cozy time I spend with my handsome hunk,” opines Shrishti Singh, a home maker.

“It is almost like foreplay when I run my fingers through his beard. He immediately know this is the right time and his whiskers on my face is my idea of a good time spent!

The beard not only makes me feel good about being with a mature and handsome guy, but also helps in being in synch with the sensual mood” giggles Singh.


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