#Diwali2018: This Advise Can Help Keep Your Pets Calm Now

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Pune365 Wishes You a Very Happy Diwali

No matter how much the city enjoys the festival of lights and all that comes with it, it remains the worst nightmare for pets.

Diwali is by way the most difficult time for all the dogs, cats and other animals who are at high risk of injuries and anxiety related complications. Fortunately, CBD in the form of dog treats from online websites like My Cherry Puppy are now available and used for treating anxiety. These treats are the perfect solution for times like these, but a cure like this may not be appreciated by every dog lover; in that case, read on.

Since, preventing people from bursting crackers is next to impossible, here’s what you can do to keep your pets as calm as possible during this period.

Dr Prashant Channe- Petozone pet clinic says, dogs can hear the noise at a much higher frequency than humans.

They can hear the sound of firecrackers from a much higher distance and these sounds make them anxious and prompt them to find an isolated corner to hide

Pet parents should avoid keeping their pet outdoors, especially when people are continuously bursting crackers. Take your pet inside the house and leave him off leash.

Keep the doors and window closed. Put some music, nursery rhymes or TV that will reduce the volume of crackers outside and help your pet calm down.

There are many anxiety control tablets and oral drops like Anxocare, calmex, pet cbd oil etc that can be given to pets after consulting with a qualified vet. You can also use CBD if you find that your dog is becoming more anxious more often. Certain noises can be a trigger for dogs, especally loud bangs. CBD for pets can help relieve any stress your pet may be feeling.

While talking on keeping our stray dogs safe, Dr Channe shares, “We can’t stop people from bursting the crackers, but we can definitely educate them.”

Young children’s are seen throwing crackers on stray dogs, Parents need to educate their children on co-existence. People should not shoo the dog away if he/she is resting in your compound.

Diwali is terrible for stray dogs, Do your Bit to save our strays, Channe added.

Preeti Agarwal, Owner of Petville says, “Do not leave your pet alone in the house. Be with them at all times. Keep them in a place where they are most comfortable.

If they are comfortable under the table or under the bed let them be. Don’t force them to be at a place you want them to be, just keep an eye.

Make your pet wear a thunder shirt by thunder works it’s a clinically proven anti-anxiety jacket. Speak to your vet for anti-anxiety medicine. Being able to calm an anxious dog during a thunderstorm is a vital skill that can serve you and your pet very well.

Your love and care can help them be comfortable, Preeti added.

Dipti Patwardhan, Pet Parent shares, “Firecrackers are very stressful for dogs, but it is difficult to preach to people about it.

I ensure my pets safety by using a technique of tying a dupatta or scarf with a comfortable pressure and it helps them feel safe.

Get them ear muffs. Feed and walk your pet early in the morning and late in the night avoiding the noise and smell of the crackers.

Ensure you wash your pets paws after their walk, our pets have a habit of licking their paws after walks and might get in trouble because of the hazardous chemicals used in crackers.

Distract them by playing with them, giving them chew toys or treats. Place blankets all over the floor to avoid the vibrations caused by loud noise.

Reassure them but don’t be over attentive.


Pune365 wishes you and your lovely pets a safe Happy Diwali.

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