#Diwali2017: Kuchh Meetha Sheetha Ho Jaye?

Diwali Traditional Sweets


Happy DiwaliFestive fervour, tradition and culture makes the fabric of our country and  what better way to celebrate this than enjoying mouth watering sweets from across India..

This Diwali, we decided to travel around and bring you one local specialty from each state to give your celebration a national twist !

Maharashtra Chi Karanji

Nothing can beat the famous modaks of Maharashtra. Yet this mouth watering sweet that is traditionally homemade makes for a super Ghee loaded, crunchy sweet snack. The coating is prepared with wheat flour and is stuffed with coconut, dry fruits, khoa and is deep fried in a generous helping of desi ghee.

Resembling the samosa, these can be prepared in advance and stored for days. Pooran Poli, Santra Barfi, Shakarpale are other options that can be tried.

Gujarat Ki Basundi

Surrounding the state in the North-East, Gujarat is famous among the sweet lovers for its Basundi. This thick, creamy and flavourful pudding is generally served cold. Also known as ‘Rabdi’ in other states, this dessert is preferred due to its natural sweetness attained from thickening the milk.

Some other desserts prepared here are Moti Pak, Gud Papdi, Shrikhand and AmraKhand.

Madhya Se Chironji Ki Barfi

Guarding Maharashtra in the North, Madhya Pradesh contributes its Chironji Ki Barfi to the dessert world. A flat square shaped sweet is prepared from crushed Chironji (Cuddapah almond) and jaggery. The almond flavoured lentil sized nut is used as a spice and can also be eaten raw or roasted.

The Khoya Jalebi found at every sweet shop here is a must try.

Doodh Farra from Chattisgarh

Like ‘Agre Ka Peetha’, the state sharing its boundary in the east is famous for its ‘Dhoodh Farra’. Since Chattisgarh produces rice in huge quantity, the main ingredient of their famous sweet dish is the locally grown rice.

A sweet version of the popular momos, the rice flour balls are boiled in milk along with some nuts to add some crunchiness to the dish.

Telangana Se Ariselu

Known as Kajjaaya in Kannada, Anarsa in Marathi and Adhirasam in Tamil Nadu, this traditional dish is prepared for special occasions like Diwali. Telangana in the south is the origin of this rice flour snack. This deep fried delicacy is peppered with sesame or poppy seeds and is made in similar fashion to that of a chapatti.

Also try their Malida Laddu (Chapati Laddu) and Qubani Barfi

 Belagavi Kunda

Treating every visitor with their celebrated Mysore Pak, Karnataka has a hidden gem up its sleeve. Belagavi Kunda was prepared by a Rajasthani chef who forgot to switch off the stove while a bowl of milk was on boil. He then added some khoa in it and gave the dish a flavourful makeover. As the name suggests, it is a famous sweet of Belgaum, a city in Karnataka that is located to the south of Maharashtra.

Although it takes a couple of hours of stirring to make this dessert, it is certainly worth all the effort.

Goan Bebinca

This layered pudding might appear to be a cake to many, but is far more complex in flavour. A traditional Goan treat, Bibik or Bebinca is made out of plain flour, sugar, clarified butter, egg yolk and coconut milk.

Mainly eaten fresh, it is a delicacy prepared ideally for Christmas or Diwali and tastes good when paired with some vanilla ice cream. Apart from this, the state in the south west of Maharashtra, also offers Baath (Coconut cake), Lady Finger Fruit Dessert and more to satisfy the sweet craving.

What better time to indulge.. ! 

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