#Diwali2017 – City Millennials On The Significance Of Diwali

Diwali Traditional Sweets

Come Diwali and everyone indulges in celebrations with friends and family. It is that one time of the year for most of us when we can spend time with our loved ones and make new memories. But, for millennials, many may be celebrating away from home as they are in the city as student or working professionals. Pune365 reached out millennials in the city to ask what Diwali means to them and whether or not they’ll be celebrating it in a traditional manner.

Sujitha Sundaram, student

Diwali for me is more about the little things. It’s about spending time with the people you love and cherish more than the sweets, lights and the rangoli. Of course, that just adds to it. But, it is also about the collective mood of everyone. From your local shopkeeper, to the auto rickshaw driver, everyone wishes you whole-heartedly. It’s wonderful once the festivities grip everyone!

Manu Singh, advertising professional

I live away from home and I’m working in Pune. I won’t be lighting diyas or bursting crackers. For me, Diwali is just like any other day. Usually, at home there are a lot of people at home celebrating but this time it won’t be like that.

Amandeep Meena, student

It used to mean something for me when I lived back home. Now, it’s just a holiday where I can catch up on work. This weekend, I’ll be writing a report. It is no longer a joyous occasion as I am away from family.

Khushi Chetwani, homemaker

It’s a family holiday for me. As Sindhis, we celebrate this in a very traditional manner. I’m married now so my extended family is coming together for celebrations. There will be lots of diyas, sweets and love around.

Taizun Partapurwala, student

Diwali, for me, is a festival of bonding where every neighbour, irrespective of origin, shares delicious homemade food. A small box of mithai to the society watchman can do wonders for both him and you!

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

The young lady from Lagos has always been keen on a career in journalism. Pune365 was hence the right stop. We agree. vijayta@pune365.com
Vijayta Lalwani