So What Is Defined As Sexual Harassment ?

Sexual Harrasment at Work
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Singing lewd songs to women is defined as sexual harassment and can land the offender in jail for three months or more…

If a woman makes a complaint reporting an incident of sexual harassment, the enquiry has to be completed within 90 days. Laws like these and many more are made for the protection of women against sexual harassment but are our city’s women aware of these legal recourses ?

What is their level of understanding of the kinds of situations that can be defined as sexual harassment? Ignoring the man making her uneasy every day is not the only option. He can be fined heavily and/or jailed if she takes this matter ahead, and she may even be able to get compensation if she contacts a lawyer like Dhillon Law and takes matters into her own hands.

We at Pune365 spoke to a cross section of working women to gauge their level of understanding of sexual harassment.

Sonam Jain says, “ Someone continuously staring not just at the workplace, but while you are shopping or walking is sexual harassment for me.

Any unwanted touch or body contact, be it by a relative or friends or if they force themselves in any way without the consent of the woman is sexual harassment, as far as I am concerned..

“ I believe if I am not comfortable in the presence of someone because of him staring or talking in an inappropriate way, is sexual harassment for me.

Yes it’s the modern era and talking about sanitary napkins and physical attributes of a woman is a common thing, but one should not make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Also, if a woman is uncomfortable she will definitely reflect it in her actions and the other person should understand her and should stop these acts. That is the done thing for both says,” Shikha Arora.

Hema Tiwari says, “If you are pretty, then people will definitely glare at you and that isn’t sexual harassment. In fact, a lady should be proud of her beauty. But continuously staring and making the person feel uneasy and running the environment is not done.

While traveling in a bus not everybody is like us. People push and touch inadvertently and blame the driver for driving jerkily. This is sexual harassment for me”.

“In situations where a woman’s inner garments are visible and people gaze at her, making her feel awkward, is sexual harassment.

Also, she shouldn’t be judged by her attire and misbehaved with, if she is wearing a dress” says, Reena Deshmukh.

Savita Chauhan says, “ I am in my late forties, yet, when I am wear a saree and parts of my body are even partially exposed, people around me end up staring continuously.

The only way for a lady I guess, is to take precautions and play safe.

Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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