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Neeta Godambe


Pet dogs you come across may seem very obedient and faithful to their masters, but these traits come with a lot of patient training and practice. Owning a dog doesn’t necessarily mean you can train them well enough, and this often requires professional intervention from the likes of Aurora Family Dog Training.

This is where the role of a professional trainer comes into play. Canine behaviourists are those committed to this purpose and give their heart to the pets they work with.

Neeta Godambe Dog-Trainer
Neeta Godambe

As part of our popular series chronicling the lives of interesting city personalities, we met with Neeta Godambe, a city based canine trainer and behaviourist.

“I never intended to take up dog training as a profession, or as a means of my livelihood.

It was when I met this adorable dog named Jaanu, that my life changed. He came to me for just a few days and never went back and this reignited my love for dogs.

After owning one more dog after him, I wanted to give my dogs behavioural and agility training and it was then that i decided to take a professional canine trainer course. It was essentially only to train my own dogs.

Neeta Godambe is a graduate in Chemistry and has a masters in paramedics. Neeta was into juvenile dietetics and nutrition, before she ventured into training. She was a diabetics educator for 10 years working in Mumbai from where she eventually married. She is an absolute adventure freak and loves hiking and trekking. This is when she thought of having a dog park and encourage outdoor activity for the canines.

“There are a lot of people who look for dog trainers and range from the first time owners, to someone who has adopted a pet, or at times a pet parent bringing in another dog. They often seek a trainer to teach their dogs obedience, toilet manners, aggression control, behaviour, fetching etc.

I also meet clients who expect me to correct mistakes they have made while attempting to train their dogs” says Neeta who asserts, that the client’s involvement is equally important to train a dog efficiently and swiftly.

Neeta completed her professional training mentoring under Shirin Merchant, one of India’s few qualified practising canine behaviourists.

Dog-Trainer Neeta Godambe

Early morning or late evenings are the best time for training since the dog is at its active best. Also, basic obedience training should start when the puppy is about 2-months of age.

Neeta started training around 10 years ago and has perfected her skills practising and experimenting over the years.

Dog-Trainer Neeta Godambe“I ideally take four sessions a day. Apart from that, I also have to spend a lot of time training my dogs as they are my testimony. It is when the people see my dogs that they understand what kind of work I am capable of doing

“Also, I get several calls from people looking for suggestions, or to seek some help on dogs. Such consultations are very crucial for the welfare and well being of an animal.”

She also says that a lot of time goes into research and homework before leaving for any session.


I have to do a lot of homework in terms of reaching the objective, achieving the desired goal in that timeline, or determining the area that needs streamlining and reworking.

“There are times when people expect me to be a magician who can wave a wand and have a dog learn a trick. This is when I have to try and make them understand that their dedication is also critical, since they live with the dog most of the time.

She also has a website and is passionate about show training. Neeta is also involved with organising socialising activities for dogs and planning various outdoor adventures events in Pune.


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