Are You Dating Or Just Nursing Your Ambitions?

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You can’t deny that most people look for a driven and ambitious mate. After all, it does bring a great deal of emotional and financial security. But what happens when they project their ambitions onto you?

These Puneites tell it all in a candid conversation with us.. 

Shipra Wardena is someone who always wanted a workaholic partner. “What’s wrong with wanting a man who can talk right, dress right and also have a flourishing career?” she questions.

Having faced disappointment a few times from the men she coveted, she admits, “The problem with overly ambitious men is that they are not just ambitious for themselves but for you too. If you aren’t doing that well work-wise, they can never be sure about you!”

Hetal Dangi talks of her own experience when her job as a primary school teacher made her an unsuitable match as a potential bride. “Being materialistic has a new name today. It’s called wanting an ambitious partner,” she says shortly.

Sharing a man’s perspective on the same problem is Dheeraj Bisht who met his girlfriend in college. Fast forward four years, they are very much in love and on the cusp of getting engaged. “I’ve popped the question a few times now, but I get the feeling she keeps waiting for something,” shares Dheeraj.

“I think it is for me to get a huge promotion or leave my career altogether and manage her father’s business. Neither of which is likely to happen. I happen to love working with a non-profit and the modest pay is something I can live with, Nisha earns too after all!

“I just wish she wouldn’t map my career out for me.”

Punita Vyas elucidates the importance of growing together both personally and professionally in a relationship by sharing her story.

“I always like to play damsel in distress,” says Punita who believes guys today have lost the will to chase girls and make them the center of their world. “Forget meeting a gentleman, you can barely expect any pampering these days.

“If you are lucky enough to meet the man who wants to do it all for his woman, it’s only because he believes she can’t do a thing herself! My ex treated me like a baby, which I adored. However, he got too controlling and couldn’t deal with me growing professionally once I graduated college. This was not something I was prepared for. That’s when my love for my job overtook my love for him.”

It appears that reciprocal love and familial acceptance are just the beginning of the journey now. Apparently, you have to like where your partner is in their career too.

Yet, the exhaustingly complex dating game can be simplified a great deal should you treat each relationship as a unique adventure. A soul-searching journey peppered only with the love and support of your partner.

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

A rapacious reader and animal lover, Aditi is a traveler on weekends and a writer at night..
Aditi Balsaver