When Your Date Just Gets Unbearable..

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Not finding the perfect person even after innumerable failed dates is quite normal in the current world. A recent survey states that 65 per cent of those polled felt under pressure from family and friends to find ‘the ideal one’.

While some claimed things didn’t work thanks to a dating disaster, others they were nervous and diffident..

We met a few Puneites and asked them to share their own experiences for the greater good of our readers who are scouting for the ideal partner ..

For Raveesh (30) it was an experience worth remembering. “Aishwarya and I met through a mutual friend. Months after we started chatting, she invited me for her birthday party. That was supposed to be our official date night. I was late by an hour and by then she was high on alcohol. So much so that she couldn’t even walk from the dance floor to the seating area.

Moments later after our conversations picked up and just when I thought how amazing she was, she puked, on me. It was disgusting!! I know her condition wasn’t good but that really don’t make an excuse for being among 100 unknown faces with wet pants, babysitting a twenty something young lady. I left her to the hostel, and decided to never meet her again in a club,” he adds.

It was an immediate ‘No’ from Kavita Bhattacharya (27) when she met her date for the first time.

“We met through an online dating app similar to a BBW Dating Site. Soon after liking each other’s profiles, we exchanged numbers. It was three months later that we decided to meet. We struggled to make conversations but eventually were comfortable, until I sniffed something weird.

It was him, sweating like a pig and smelling pungent and unbearable! That instantly turned me off. I even expressed my concerns making him embarrassed and spacing out our chairs. Although we still were in contact for a year, I never met him after that. I wish him luck though,” she adds.

“He was my senior in high school. I never noticed him, but he did,” says Priya Kumar (24).

“After a year of leaving school, I got his friend request on Facebook. Since he was a known face and had 50 mutual friends, I accepted his request, soon after which we met. On the first date, like a typical desperate guy, he kept complimenting on how different I looked and how he always felt for me right from high school and that stuff continued for an hour.

“I never replied to his messages since then. He wouldn’t stop annoying me though, and in one message, months later, he complained about how I wasn’t responding to his messages and being arrogant. I blocked him right away,” she adds…

#All views expressed in this column are of the individual respondents. Names changed to protect individual privacy.

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