Creative Art Therapies In Focus At Conference

Creative Art Therapies

Sancheti Healthcare Academy is organising a two-day International Conference in Creative Art Therapies at Sancheti Hospital Auditorium on January 5 and 6.

The theme of the conference is bridging the gap between healthcare and creative art therapies. Renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr. K.H. Sancheti will inaugurate the Conference and announce the establishment of Creative Art Therapy Association.

The conference will include workshops from nationally and internationally renowned experts Dr Danielle Fraenkel, Renelle, Ketki Pimpalkhare, Jefferey Mehr and Anupriya Bannerjee.

Topics ranging from Dance, Drama, Art, Music Therapy and some new emerging methodologies being used in healthcare will be discussed during the conference.

Manisha Sanghavi, Executive Director, Sancheti Group, said that the main aim of the conference is to create improved awareness about the importance of using creative art therapies in healthcare, exhibiting scientific research backed presentations on how to use these approaches in various set ups and deliberating on how to create appropriate assessments and follow up reports to better validate the effectiveness of therapies. An effective example of art therapy could be diamond art from companies like Vizuarts. Assessing art therapies like diamond art can help companies better understand how to treat their patients.

About 80 delegates including healthcare practitioners, teachers, dancers, counsellors, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, artists, drama and theatre enthusiasts, poets, healers, therapists, NGOs, doctord, special educators, community health workers are expected to attend the conference.