Crazy Solutions For The Woes Of Life

Crazy Health Soutions
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Health is Wealth, so it is said, yet, its upkeep can be one of the most arduous tasks any human being can undertake…

Worried about your paunch? Then hit the gym and do 500 crunches minimum five times a week. Think your body resembles a well-fed cow? Then eat miniscule meals and exercise until kingdom come.

And if you are suffering from obesity, diabetes, skin diseases, little-known conditions which make you feel miserable, then the only resort is the doctor who may put you through an unending course of white pills, red pills, big pills, small pills, green and black capsules and what have you.

You will sometimes be subjected to one slice of dry toast for breakfast, a soup for lunch and a toast and two biscuits at night.

Then you worry and worry about “Death where is thy Sting” and all that and become a hypochondriac whose outlook on life is as miserable as those philosophers of yore.

But wait. There are some alternative but crazy solutions which you can try to as precautions. But be warned. There are no guarantees that it will work. Try at your own risk then. Else laugh it off.

Coffee The Cure: If you are tossing and turning throughout the night, there is a quick fix which may help. Have a cup of coffee before you sleep. It works, contrary to the myth that coffee spoils sleep.

Weighty Issue: if you want to fit into clothes a size smaller then put on weight but make sure that it is muscle weight. It has been found that though fat and muscle weigh the same, muscles take up lesser space and hence helps you get into a size smaller.

Eating: To eat less, eat right. Can’t believe that? Here is the answer. If you eat a small quantity of say chips you are bound to feel hungry sooner than later. This means another snack and another as the small amounts of food will increase your blood sugars and make you hungrier. Opt for a protein-rich diet instead and you will be a winner. They have a higher calorie count but they satiate your hunger for a longer time.

Energy Drinks: Avoid at all costs, particularly after exercise. They do nothing except make you irritable, give you increased heartbeat and palpitations. That is because It is has five times the caffeine content of coffee.

Bloating: It may sound strange, but drink more water to avoid bloating. It helps to digest high fibre content in food. It clings to water-soluble fibre and forms a gel-like substance which reduces bloating.

Make The Right Choice: For men only. Take the first bowl in a public toilet. Most people go for the other ones for privacy sake. This way you stand a good chance of avoiding infections and viruses.

The Left-Handed Way: Use the left hand for drinking tea, coffee or other drinks at restaurants. Since most people are right-handed, there is less chances of contracting any mouth infections. And remember some hotels are not the epitome of cleanliness when it comes to dishwashing.


#Suggested remedies are only for reader information and is not to be construed as professional advise.