CP Rashmi Shukla: Background Checks Critical For School Staff

Pune Police Commissioner, Rashmi Shukla addressing teachers and principals


After the horrific incident of a 7-year-old child’s brutal killing at Ryan International School, Gurgaon on September 8, Pune Police Commissioner, Rashmi Shukla, called for a meeting, on Tuesday, with all teachers and principals of schools in Pune.

The Pune police earlier launched ‘Police Kaka’, an initiative that will help children and students in schools and colleges to access police help faster. The city has around 1,200 schools with up to ten lakh students.

“I have received several suggestions from parents and concerned people. They want CCTV cameras to be installed in each and every area of schools including buses. Every staff should have gone through a background check and police verification.

They must be wearing their identity cards at all times while working. School buses should have a GPS system so parents can track their child. If negative feedback is received about a particular staffer more than thrice, then he or she should be removed from the job,” said CP Shukla.

She also mentioned that she has received a complaint that a certain girls’ school in Pashan that has an all-male staff who are permitted in most areas of the school. Also, a part of this discussion was that teachers need address their students’ concern in a more sensitive manner. As part of the Police Kaka scheme, a police constable will be assigned to three or four schools or colleges. His or her name and number will be displayed on the campus. With this, students can reach out to the police and report instances of ragging, eve-teasing and other problems.

“The police are regularly screening people. You can contact your nearest police station for a verification. If you want to be careful then you need to implement some rules in schools also. Teachers also need to take initiative. Children are highly influenced by teachers. Teachers need to set the right example for them. For instance, we see so many teacher riding two-wheelers without wearing helmets and many students follow suit,” added the commissioner.

While verifying details about a person, the police issues verification certificates. However, these certificates do not have a validity period. The police personnel suggested that since there is no validity period, the schools can conduct a verification process after every few months or annually.

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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Vijayta Lalwani