#CoupleSpeak: Some Secrets Are Just Meant To Be Kept

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Couples often discuss their day, their likes and dislikes with their partners and in this excitement and emotion almost everything is shared…

Transparency in a relationship is important, however there are some things that are best left unshared, say young city couples speaking to Pune365

Don’t dig your past when you are together. Your past will never leave you if you keep discussing it with your partner, says Gaurav Salunke, Programmer.

She is not interested in knowing how your Ex-treated you and how and why you broke up.

We all have has past but talking about it often may develop jealousy, insecurities or a sense of inadequacy. So, if there is something which is not really that important to tell your partner. It is ok to keep it to yourself, Salunke added.

A crush on a co-worker should not be discussed with your partner, says Niyati Mishra, fashion designer.

It is fine to have a passing crush on co-workers or people you meet regularly. The reason it should not be discussed with your partner is because you never know when it becomes an issue and a reason for your breakup.

Mishra shares,  I can’t keep anything hidden from my partner, so am bound to tell him about my crushes or even about the date I went on.

“However, sharing all this is advisable only if you have an understanding partner who will not create any fuss or develop insecurities.

Kavya Sehgal, Choreographer says,  Don’t let your friends speak to your partners alone, he/she may have issues with your present or past life.

Ankita Mane, Marketing executive, says, Introducing him to your family is ok, even telling him about your daily fights with mom and dad are fine.

But, ensure that you don’t discuss the fight between mom and dad or the personal issues of your family and home to anyone.

Else, after a certain period of time, when you have some issue, He might criticise or blame your parents, he may just say that you’re just like your parents! Discussing sensitive and personal family issues will only invite him to judge you and your family, Ankita added.

If you dislike her parents, her best friend or her brother… don’t be upfront with her on this, says Rajendra Saroj, Entrepreneur.

You don’t mess with people they love. After all, they came in to her life before you.

No matter how much your girlfriend loves you, even one word against their loved ones and you’re straight on the ground.

Also, remember if she has to make a choice and leave one, it is always going to be you, so shut your mouth!  Saroj shared.

Devyani Soman, Chef says, ” Men’s are more attached to their mom, so it is advised not to share your feelings about his mom even if they’re positive.

He may just want you to get into his mother’s shoes!



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