#CoupleSpeak: Here’s How We Overcome The Boredom In Our Marriage

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There are times when just following the same routine gets truly monotonous..

So is the case with married life say most city couples. From doing the daily chores and errands to never ending responsibilities of life, it all gets quite boring after a certain period of time.

And cheating on your partner is certainly not the answer to beat boredom that sets in into your married life.

Marriage does lead to boredom, but it also depends on how you keep it going, says Hansika Mehta, Advertising Professional.

I have been married for 21 years now and yes, it’s sickening to have that same routine going on for so many years. Yet, there are other ways you can keep it going.

Dates and romance is a big no-no, though, taking a trip with friends or a solo trip works well.

Don’t be clingy, Allow your husband to have his boy’s day out, while you spend some time with your girlfriends, Mehta added.

Spicing it up is always the best! Romance is the key and vital step to kill the boredom.

Try things which you have not done before, says Rohit Kulkarni, Marketing manager.

It is rightly said that in order to enjoy a good married life, sexual compatibility is essential.  Your partner will definitely change over the years of marriage and so will their sexual preferences.

Understand your partner’s needs and keep abreast with their desire to kill the boredom in your married life, Kulkarni added.

How can you end up getting bored when you have married the person you love? says Jayshree Shah, Housewife.

I have been married for the past twenty-six years, and there is nothing called boredom in our married life.

There is no scope for boredom because we see each day as a new day.There are so many things to do and talk about each day. 

Yes, we get bored when we don’t nurture each other needs. We must satisfy them not only in physical terms but also mentally, emotionally and encourage each other. Communication has kept us going and will always, Shah adds.

Nitesh Thakkar, Software Professional says, “In my opinion, one of the important reasons why boredom creeps in after marriage is because we just get tired of following the same routine over years.”

People living a single life can make big and small changes in their routine, while married couples find it tougher. Having been married for 15 years now, I can sense that the routine has brought in the boredom. 

Thakkar shares, Hence we decided to test this and change things in our life, be it the routine, eating habits, spending time with friends or just a small outing. And to our surprise, this has been working well.

Relive your moments, shake up your routines, Replace them with a new one and see the excitement. After all getting stuck in a boring marriage is not a forever thing.

Stay away a little! Marriage is all about doing things together and doing the same things with the same person always, is not so happening, says Pranoita Dubey, Web Designer.

Do not sit together and make a list of new things you could do together. Let them have their share of space and things to do, even if you have the same hobbies.

My husband and I often plan vacations to different destinations to overcome the boredom, Pranoita added.



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