Couples Caught In A Dressing Up Dilemma

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Opposites attract, and some might swear by it too, when it comes to choosing life partners.

While one might like the waves and the soothing calm of the sea, the other half may see it as a water sport hotspot.

So is the case when it comes to being prim and proper and looking your best with your spouse. The pressure to look on point with your partner on social events where the chances of being judged are high, but it may also be too much for the lazy counterpart when the other is enthusiastic about doing so.

Dressing up for some can be a mood lifter while for others merely a way to please those who they might not see ever again.

But, when you have taken the vows to be there through thick and thin, it is better to just dress and show up, vouch these natty Puneites.

“It is not like I am too much into my looks or think any less of my partner, but I like dressing up according to the occasion and not just appear in front of a crowd of snobs and be apt for their pleasantry,” remarks Sheetha Rana, 38, an entrepreneur and mother of two.

“I like taking care of myself and adore men who take time out to groom themselves. It shows how passionate they are about something and that is a big highlight of his character.

“But I wasn’t lucky to find someone who thought the same way. During our initial days of courtship, Rishab did take interest in being presentable when going out but over the time, he lost interest, quoting how tired and old he is to dress up. Even today, it takes me so much time and effort to tell him about the event we were going to, the people attending it and the anticipated comments we might receive if we arrive not looking decent enough,” she quips.

The stares and glares don’t bother this newly wed couple. “But people are dying to have a glance of us together and its better to give them something worth looking at,” say Mr and Mrs Ranpara.

“Our pictures are much anticipated and often asked for. Even when we step out for a walk or just a dinner, the eyes are on us. I am kind of enjoying adapting to the new change while giving it my personal touch.

“For men, it might hardly change but for a newly wedded Indian woman, there is a lot to experiment. Prateek and I have always been inspired by the online ‘couple goals’ of owning similar tees, to buying same shoes or complimenting outfits. It is never a dull dressing day for us and we put in a lot of effort to decide our clothes before going out,” says Kavita with a smile.

“Yes, she is laid back, dresses up faster than me, isn’t updated with latest trends or fashion and doesn’t go for frequent shopping. She might be the dream girl for many, but not me,” says Harshraj Purohit.

“She is simple and sweet and knows nothing of fashion and that is cute of her. I make it a point to go shopping with her or ask my sister into getting her a new wardrobe. She is a travel freak and spends hours researching for new places and adventures but comes in her blue jeans and short kurta to an office party or often to a date night. I like her for how she is but a little taming and being sassy never hurts,” he laughs.

This 26-year-old woman believes in setting the standard by loving oneself. “If you don’t love and respect yourself, how will someone else do?,” says Mihika Chaturvedi.

“One should always dress up according to their mood and dressing up elevates mine. How is looking good a bad thing? I always have this same argument with him. But he says “you will look the same on some special days too”.

“But little does he know that we don’t just have a pair of lowers, shirts, tees, kurtas and blazers to choose from. Women have an ocean full of options for every occasion. For him, it is just an effort in vain to fit into society, for me it is the way to express how I feel. High social position, wealth or being socially inferior have nothing to do with my being presentable and he lacks and understanding for this,” quips Mihika.


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