Corporate Stress And Ways To Deal With It

Work Stress
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Long working hours, unrealistic deadlines, and expectations the common reasons for the increasing number of people struck by corporate stress.

Also, a recent study states that nearly 46 per cent of Indians suffer from corporate stress. The stress could be of any type of workplace, environment, personality type, deadlines and so on.

Pune 365 spoke to some corporate executives to know their ways of tackling corporate stress.

Hitesh Bekhre, Software Professional, says, “The reason for work stress could be different – it could be low pay, overload of work, unrealistic deadlines, harassment, uncomfortable working environment or poor relations with a colleague. Understand and acknowledge your reason for stress and do not carry your work stress wherever you go.

“I recommend not hampering your lifestyle, not working for long hours. I ensure that I come on time and go on time, even if that means that my work is incomplete,” he added.

No matter how hard we work, there is always favouritism at the workplace which is stressing 80 per cent of the employees, says Jiya Mehta, PR executive.

“My way of dealing it, I directly go and bring everything to my bosses ear. Going to him directly produce better results because only he is in the position to handle and fix things at its best.

Other ways could be, a relaxing at a Spa or ditch your company and go for a small vacation. Don’t worry they can’t fire you, Jiya added with a laugh.

Vanessa Chrsil says, According to a survey Working for 8 hours at a stretch is not good for your concentration, so small breaks after every two hours is my way of dealing with the unrealistic deadline stress I face.

Also one should not dedicate their everything to the company, work should not be carried home and family time, personal life and sleep regime shouldn’t be disturbed.

Also, try some dark chocolate- it is known to reduce stress hormones, she added.

The only and best way to beat work stress is exercising regularly and having a proper diet regime says, Akshay Gund, Analyst.

“Exercising regularly releases norepinephrine which helps the brain to better handle stress and another hormone called endorphins which boosts happiness.

Both hormones enhance your overall functioning of the body, it also increases the productivity level in the body. Gund added.


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