Coping With Rejection- Start By Believing In Yourself

Relationship - Dealing with Rejection
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It is true when they say that nothing really hurts as much as being rejected…

Almost everyone has at least once in their life faced rejection, be it from their partner, their love or a colleague at work. The pain of rejection is real, yet, coping up with such rejections is also critical.

A recent study suggests that our brain responds similarly to physical pain as it does to social rejection…

Rejection is a part of life, but moving on is an art of life. Being a very emotional person even the slightest NO affects me a lot. Though, I get over it within a day, says, Ritu Tiwari, developer.

I would suggest spending time with your best friend as that helps. In most cases, your best friend hated the person you love, so the bitching together will overcome the rejection, Ritu adds with a laugh.

Rejection hurts your ego, self-respect and is a big blow to your self confidence. This is when you start questioning yourself, says Shreyas Ghosh, Gym Trainer.

This is why am always prepared for the worst in my life. Though, we may laugh it out, deep inside it hurts real bad.

I have been rejected several times in my life by the people I loved and now I feel is best to be mentally prepared for rejection the moment you start sensing it. Moreover, no matter how madly you’re in love, you should always have a practical approach, Ghosh added.

Diva Methrani, Baker shares, “One of the most successful ways of handling rejection is by not taking it personally.

Avoid carrying those unnecessary and unwanted feelings about yourself. Do not question your abilities and try to surround yourself with the people you love.

Positivity helps overcome anything and everything, Diva added.

Pratik Dubale, Businessman, “Accept it but don’t dwell on it, The feelings of rejection are bound to resurface, but time goes by and is a healer.

Hence, acknowledge your emotions and convince yourself that it is no big deal. You can help yourself best.

Ignorance is bliss and don’t react says Amit Komane, theatre artist. Know that you’re special and nothing should be ever important to you apart from your own self!

Keep ignoring the negative people who remind you about rejection and move on. 

We all take our partner a little more granted than we should and so did I. But when he decided to leave, I was completely shattered and clueless, says Myra Singh, Content Writer.

I tried doing several things to overcome my rejection like cooking for my friends, painting and finally, I started was writing down my thoughts and that worked well for me.

In my case writing helped me overcome my rejection. I would advise people to write down their thoughts as it helps you express your feelings and brings a sense of relief, Myra adds.


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