Conversations on Camera #1 : Jaya Banerjee

Jaya Banerjee is a young lady in a hurry. Actively involved with society at large in the city of Pune, she is now determined to enter active politics and make a difference to Pune citizens. 

Her skill sets include communication strategy, instructional design and several years on ground, handling several social initiatives some of which include :

Member—Womens’s Vigilance Commiittee (Mahila Dakshata Samiti), Pune Police, Member—Yashasvi Bhava, a social magazine initiative to create awareness among the youth. She has worked with Ward offices in various areas to help citizens with ward-office level activities.

She has also worked on various social activities through the NGO, Navjyoti. She also devotes time to various local community activities and social concerns.

She is here, in conversation with Jaisurya Das, Editorial Director and Co-Founder, Pune365 on her impending foray into civic politics.

Videography and Post-Production : Sanket Wankhade for Pune365

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