Why Confidence Is The Accessory That Always Impresses

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Think back to the people who have always impressed you with their sense of style. From cine stars to your friend who is always turned out impeccably to that girl who always manages to make even the worst outfits look like designer wear, there’s one thing they all have in common. Confidence. This isn’t something that I’ve always known but it’s a realization that has set in over a period.

One memory in particular stands out, a memory from several years ago. This was before I knew that fashion and style would be such a big part of my life. Except an interest in being dressed well, I knew nothing of style but one person, a senior from college, always caught my attention. To my untrained eyes then and my slightly more aware sartorial sense now, she was a true stylista. It wasn’t conventional good looks or a size-zero figure that she boasted of. She didn’t even wear the trendiest of clothes. But whatever she wore, she turned heads; even if it was a pair of tracks and a tee.

She would wear, to a party, what I would wear to sleep in, and she would be the most gorgeous person in the room. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason then but today I know the reason she always turned heads was her confidence. She never felt the need to subscribe to fashion rules or dress in the latest showstoppers from the runway. She knew she could wear what she wanted and her smile and her confidence would carry her through.
And she had it right. I know now that what you need is a timeless sense of style, oodles of self-assurance, and a couldn’t-care-less attitude for what others say. Clothes from designers or high-fashion brands lose their appeal after a point, and trends don’t stay trendy beyond a season. If you aren’t comfortable with who you are, then even the most gorgeous The Row outfit or that Rahul Mishra lehenga will feel and look utterly disappointing.

Stylists will tell you that being dressed well can raise your confidence and nothing is truer. But it is also a vice-versa situation. Without confidence, the most stylish clothes can seem like nothing more than gunny bags.

Clothes maketh a man. But confidence maketh a stylish man.

Yes, saying is easy. Doing, well that is a whole other ball game. I can’t tell you how to be more confident. It takes a whole lot of self-assurance to not care about others’ opinions, and to go with your inner fashion instinct. But there are a few tips that can help you become more confident and channel your inner diva.

Stand straight: Good posture is half the battle won, and a great way to make you feel and look more stylish.
Smile: Smiling makes you look more attractive and makes you seem years younger. A win-win like never before.
Experiment: A new colour, a new hairstyle, or even new lingerie; it can all do wonders for your confidence.
Accessorise: Make a pair of great heels or a funky new necklace the focus of your outfit.
Wear Makeup: Just the right amount makes your skin glow and helps you feel special.

Don’t overdo it, though!

They may seem like obvious tips but it’s normally the obvious that we miss. Your confidence only needs a boost and these tips can definitely give it that. Get that right, and your style journey should be an easy enough one.


Bindu Menon

Bindu Menon

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