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Healthy Food
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Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily need struggling to find ingredients and cooking up the complex sounding diet options…

Not in Pune at least! With several outlets offering an array of healthy eating options, keeping your diet in control without offering boring and tasteless platters is more than possible. 

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just feel light and healthy, these outlets offer you all. And yes, without compromising on the taste and intensity of your craving!  

ProCaF Fitness Meals

This ‘delivery only’ outlet offers all that you need to be in the ‘lean cave or bounce to the ‘gainer’s den’ or just find a customisable meal plan catering to the diet you are following.

With considerable amount of food to curb your hunger pangs, they also offer ‘energy balls’ and a healthy cheat option which is ‘protein pan cakes’ that are tasty enough to give your sugar rush. Their regulars incidentally applaud their packaging, quantity and taste.

Address: Bikushree Bungalow, Lane 4, Sanjay Park, Viman Nagar.

Cost: Rs 400 for two (approx.)


This is the place you should head to if you are looking for options for a specific diet routine. Want healthy carbs or healthy low-fat main course options, you have them here. On a high protein, no fat no carb meal? You have a lot of options too.

On a Keto diet, you have multiple options too. Keto salads, starters, breads, pizzas, roti, main course and desserts, they have it all.

Address: 12, Landmark Garden, Joggers Park Lane, Kalyani Nagar.

Cost: Minimum Order Rs 99

Diet Crown Café

Located in the by lanes of Pimple Nilakh, this place offers healthy dishes with local flavours. Order their whole wheat pasta when craving for Italian, or go for their chicken pocket pokli from their special’s menu.  They also offer you a monthly subscription with a customised meal plan all at affordable prices.

Address: Avishkar complex, River Rd, Omkar Society, Pimple Nilakh, Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Cost: Rs 300 for two (approx.)

The Organic Cookhouse

True to their name, they offer all things organic and healthy. This ‘delivery only’ place mentions the calorie of every serving that you order, helping you to keep a count.

Looking for just some healthy alternatives or for any specific fitness meal, detox juices, weight loss juices or juices for those who are diabetic or have high cholesterol levels, your search ends here.

Address: Flat 6, Timmanna Nivas, Manjalkar Chowk, Next to Ajintha Building, Near Sahasrabuddhe Math, Model Colony.

Cost: Rs 700 for two (approx.)


Sweets and Healthy? Why not ! This home baker specialises in sinful french delicacies and has a wide range of desserts that are healthy and Keto friendly. Keto Cookies, Almond Coconut Gluten Free Cake, Granola Bars, Sugar Free Date Cake, Keto Cake (Almond & Dark Chocolate Sugar free & Gluten free), Almond Dark Chocolate

Indulgence are healthy treats that you should try without any guilt. Orders can be made up to a day in advance.

Contact:;  988108 4195

Cost: Rs 500 min order


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#Readers are advised to check with the outlets before ordering. This is not an official Pune365 review and is only intended reader’s information. Readers are advised to check prices and finer details with the respective outlets mentioned. 


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