Coming Clean On A Bathing Dilemma

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After not having showered for five days due to a large cast on my left leg, I decided that it was not such a bad idea at all to skip bathing altogether.

I mean, imagine the amount of trouble one has to go through for just 10-minutes  of pleasure which doesn’t last the day.

It is extremely economical too. Good soaps are expensive, the geyser swallows electricity at the rate of knots and lastly the water is definitely not pure like driven snow.

I also have solid proof that not having a bath may actually be good for you. It has been told that back in Medieval Europe, there was a medical school of thought that said that by exposing the body to water, people could catch a rare disease.

They felt that if disease was carried by bad air and the water opened the skin pores, then a person would fall prey to it. Instead, the layer of dust which formed on the body due to lack of a bath was, therefore, a protective shield against diseases.

To cap it all, the religious authorities also totally disapproved of it. They felt that man, instead of indulging in bodily pleasures like a bath, must instead concentrate of improving his spiritual side.

Now religious proclamations those days meant “follow or face the music”, the obedient flock preferred to give the bath a go by. These religious fellows could have even proclaimed the death sentence for bathing. These clever, little men of cloth had a Machiavellian bent of mind.

And death in those days meant every form of perverse torture before the final curtain.

And so it came by that baths were an undesirable exercise which was performed only by bigots, heathens and heretics. Hence, baths were banned for centuries at that time.

On the other hand, their predecessors, the Romans, had totally different ideas. The believed bathing was an important part of the body beautiful. No wonder, they build huge, elaborate baths where Romans and other countrymen soaked in heavenly pleasure.

The Romans always believed in excessive and obscene displays of wealth and those huge baths have survived the sands of time and its ruins can be seen even today.

But see what happened to the Romans. While these chaps took time off for elaborate baths instead of attending to matters of the state, their enemies sneaked in on them which ultimately lead to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Baths did make a comeback during the Renaissance period. But then those imaginative men decided that mixed bathing was alright too. It has been said that dinner parties were also held during the bathing sessions.

That’s interesting. The mind then drifted me into that period where I was in a bath partying in the company Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Halle Berry and Salma Hayek among other distinguished guests…

Should I or Shouldn’t I ? Bathe I mean.


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