Columbia Asia Doctors Save Brave Youth’s Life

Columbia Asis Doctors with the youth's parents


A timely critical surgery by doctors at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune, saved the life of a brave 21-year-old boy who battled bravely to protect his female friend in Mundhwa.

The youngster, Parth Vyas, a law student, was badly beaten by the goons and hit on the head with a brick. Despite being battered, he walked all the way to the Columbia Asia Hospital and admitted himself there.

The incident happened at a local bar in Mundhwa. Parth was enjoying an evening out with his friends when a group of local goons got very close the girl with wrong intentions. Not wanting to pick up a fight, Parth moved away with his friends to another table. But the gang persisted.

The management threw the gang out after Parth complained. However, the gang reappeared near the entry gate, wanting to seek revenge against Parth and his friends. They waylaid Parth when he and his friends left the pub and attacked the law student, beating him up badly. They hit him on the head with a brick. But Parth somehow managed to get up and reach the hospital.

“Parth arrived at the hospital in a seriously injured condition. He had suffered a severe blow over the head; and the skull vault was cracked and fractured. He was also bleeding profusely,” said Dr Pravin Survashe, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, who led the life-saving surgery conducted on Parth. 

“Due to his critical condition, he had to be taken for surgery on emergency basis. The surgery was highly risky as it carried a definite risk of post-operative neurological deficits, such as paralysis of the right side of body or loss of vision. “Hence, we took all the precautions were taken to avoid any further damage to brain,” he added.

A team comprising resident doctors from the Emergency department and Neurosurgeons came together to save the life of the boy, controlling his bleeding, and maintaining his blood pressure level. The surgery went uneventful. However, doctors have informed that Parth has a crack in his skull, which will take quite a few months to recover completely.

The accused were arrested and presented at a court later.

“In situations like this, every minute counts to save the life of the patient. The hospital authorities completely backed us in all our decisions to do all the necessary to save his life,” added Dr Survashe.

“Parth reported at our hospital at a condition when surgery was our only option to save his life. The surgery, which was carried by our doctors, turned out to be a great success, as Parth has recovered well after the surgery without any significant neurological deficits,” Dr Viju Rajan, General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune said.

“We are very grateful to Columbia Asia Hospitals for giving Partha a new lease to life,” a family member said.