When Your College Canteen And Favourite Hangout Turns Toxic

Canteen Food Hygiene
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Canteens and youth hangouts certainly help in giving college students reasonably priced food but when hygiene and safety is compromised, it needs immediate attention…

Recent reports of a student (Faculty Of Media and Communication at Pune Univeristy (SPPU) found a dead lizard in the Misal-pav he had ordered from the University’s famous Adarsh Canteen have shocked students and parents in the city.

“Incidents like these happen everywhere. Around two months back I visited a popular hangout for lunch near college and ordered Misal Pav. While waiting for the token, I saw a dog peeing on the onions and potatoes which they had stored. I felt disgusted and left that place immediately. I will never recommend it to my friends and family.

Also, one should scan the environment before eating at these outlets. Sometimes the ambience is itself the best indicator of what the menu is like, opines Vijay Bang (Student of MBA, MIT).

Sanket Sapate says,” The other day I went to a very popular joint for coffee with my friends and I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich too.

It looked very tempting when served, but I found a cockroach in it after I took a bite. We left that place and also complained to the manager about it.

Yes, the coffee they serve is really good,  but they need to check on the quality of the food they are offering,

“Canteens cant be solely blamed. This one incident happened about two years back. I was out with my family for dinner in a renowned restaurant. After the food was served I found a a fly in one of the dishes. I instantly complained also took a few pictures and uploaded it to their site with my review. They apologised but constant quality control and hygiene is critical” says Poorna Kulkarni (Student of Journalism)

Asmita Mehta says,” I am an engineering student and I usually eat at the college canteen as the classes keep me engaged and always short of time.

Few months back, I ordered a vegetarian thali there. And I found a worm in the cauliflower sabzi and my friend starting yelling.

For a second, I could not believe what just happened. We went to a clinic close by, as we had already eaten other vegetables before we found the worm.

Thankfully nothing happened to us, but since then I stopped visiting that place. I wake up early and cook or order but I never eat there”.

Evidently, the SPPU incident is not a stray incident in the city and civic and college authorities need to take this up on an urgent basis. The need of the hour is constant checks and quality control inspections at regular intervals where the errant establishments should be revoked of their food license.

Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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Riya Kalwani