Coffee and Cookie -The Inseparables at Amrita Rai’s Home

Furholics - Coffee n Cookie

I belong to a ‘non-dog enthusiast’ family and on the other hand, my husband really loves dogs. says Amrita Rai, a software professional.

Having a Pet was never part of the plan.

Yet, it was probably destined and that’s when a 35 day old female Doberman drove in to our home sleeping on my hubby’s stomach…

With my love for coffee and her perfect coat hue, we named her Coffee.

Coffee has travelled to Goa and had all the fun and attention. That is when her love for travel began.

We trained her to stay alone at home and by the time we returned, she would have got to the noodle packets, Besan and whatever else was in her reach! The house was a mess and we had no idea what to do, Amrita added.

Then one night my hubby brought a female pup,  about 2-3 months old and six months younger to Coffee. She sat in our car and came home.

Both Coffee and Cookie got along well, with Cookie coming in on weekends. Both would chew sofas and play like crazy.

The others who took care of Cookie kept saying that she looked healthy after the weekend and then hardly ate anything over the week.

We got her vaccinations done and I told my husband that we would keep her a visiting friend only. I can’t manage two kids at a time.

On one occasion, when I was leaving her, I saw her sitting at the gate with folded hands, looking out. That’s when I said – it is time to have the second one. We named her Cookie, says Amrita.

From then, Coffee and Cookie became inseparables. Both messed up the house but eventually matured or probably, we just got used to them.

Amrita says, “It is annoying at times, yet, it all seems worthwhile when that tongue is out with happiness and they lick you all over your face. When they know I am angry or upset, they look at me and sit right next to me”

Coffee has a lot of love in her for everyone. But Cookie’s love is only for Coffee, Akshar and myself. All other creatures in this world, don’t belong here. That’s her philosophy and reason for barking at every crow, pigeon, parrot and human being she sees. 

When a Doberman female pokes her nose at the pocket which has treats and stands there with that look in her eye – “I’m-Born-To-Finish-Food”; it is her – Coffee.

When Coffee she is not eating, she enjoys playing Fetch, Tug, Hide & Seek and giving lots of kisses. Cookie on the other hand  is picky about food. She eats to survive and that’s it. She loves to chase, run around the hills and be in her own world.

Cookie is a softie and she loves soft cuddles. Keep scratching her and she will sit there.
Coffee has the highest level of tolerance. Whatever anyone does to her, she never ever gets angry.

Life would have been different if they were not around and not as beautiful and challenging.


Ankita Malekar

Ankita Malekar

A talkative tiny speck in the world of Media, with an itch for travel and paws.
Ankita Malekar