City Set To Witness The FIFA World Cup 2018 Frenzy

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The city is finally going to have thin traffic as the Football fever has reached its peak.

The world cup 2018 opens in Russia tonight. Fans from all over the city have begun to prepare for the incessant cheering of their teams as the frenzy of The FIFA World Cup 2018 takes over. There will be sports kits and jerseys put on all over the world, the afl footy shop will be jam-packed with buyers, as well as any sports store that holds team kits.

Welcome to really late nights, high calorie diets and bleary eyed office goers!

After deciding and planning for so many years, this year its time to finally fly to Russia to support my team says, Vicky Mathews, techie.

The tickets to the game are confirmed and eagerly waiting for the match day, This is my first world cup game ever. Can’t wait to cheer my team, Vicky adds.

Yash Nagwe, Football coach says, ” I encourage the players to watch matches on their own, be it individually or together so that they grasp the superior quality of football that is on display.”

Another practice I normally follow, is to edit these match footages and analyse the games and teams. This is used in our video sessions where I explain these concepts to my players.

Krutika Shah, “My love for football is proportional to the love I have for my boyfriend, I wouldn’t miss on a single match irrespective of having to leave early morning for work.

The world cup is a huge tournament, I don’t have a love for any particular team.It is about the game they play.

Am waiting for the day when I can see India play at the world cup, says Krutika

Football has always been an interesting game, so many different styles of football have always gathered huge attention from India too, says Riddhi Joshi, Journalist.

Even though am a Portugal fan, am not going to miss on any match. Each supporter has brought a flag of their particular team and the whole office is decorated with a football-theme and its truly festive now at the office, she adds.

Royston Pereria, a Graphic designer says, ” A Family who loves football is a blessing, I have been playing football since I was 8 years old.

We’re six in the house and each of us wears their team jersey to watch football including my mom and grandma.

Talking about the game, Spain is my favourite team and Sergio Ramos is the best defender in the entire world, and I hope they win the world cup.

The days are marked and my application for leave is already approved, says Aakash Jadhav, Software developer.

I had applied for leave a month back, to support my team. Everything is stocked well in the house to avoid missing out on a single moment from a match.

I have messaged all my friends and relatives that for all purposes I do not exist for anybody after 5 pm for a month, says Kavita Deshmukh, Housewife.

Kavita adds that “No calls, text messages, will be entertained in the evening. The fridge is already stuffed with snacks and preferred drinks.

All invitations for any party are refused and I have also advised my husband to go on a vacation for a month.

If not he can watch the game with me without uttering a word against my team.”


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