City Riders Defiant- Consistent Enforcement And Penalty Essential

Helmetless Riders
Photo clicked in February 2019 at Kondwa chowk

Recent reports of several fatal accidents involving helmet-less drivers and pillions have failed to impact Pune’s defiant two-wheeler riders who continue to throw caution to the wind..

The helmet ban which kept Pune traffic cops on their toes initially is now dying down, say most informed citizens. Riders sans helmets can be see going past manned signals and junctions nonchalantly. 

Barkhat Bhalla, Active Citizen says, Helmets enforcement can never be successful in Pune and the police force should now stop enforcing it.

If Pune riders are stupid and don’t understand the importance of helmets, leave them to their fate..

It is their choice whether to live or die because of an accident, that is often not in their control. The enforcement of helmets should be stopped now, as people are clearly not interested in protecting their own heads

Traffic cops have done their job well and they cannot be blamed. There are three thousand police personnel in a city with 30,000 two-wheelers riders, majority without helmets, Barkhat added.

Shruti Naik, Content Marketing executive says,  I have always failed to understand why Puneites resist wearing helmets despite witnessing so many accidents and fatalities involving riders without helmets.

Pune traffic cops shouldn’t be blamed for losing steam. I see a number of traffic cops standing and managing traffic and when possible penalising the violators.

Moreover, whether you wear a helmet or not can’t be the police force’s concern. Its upto you to protect your own life.  

In my opinion, the drive has completely died, I can see traffic personnel standing on the road without giving challans to violators, says Anjali Rai, Software professional.

I think enforcing helmets may have given rise to corruption. The fine for not wearing a helmet is Rs 500 and citizens often end up getting away paying small amounts after talking to the constables. The drive has lost its effectiveness and cops do not seem to care.

The impact of the drive was seen for the first two weeks, where thousands of helmet-less riders were caught.

The drive had slowed down from the beginning of February and will eventually die down. They need to be consistent if they’re enforcing something, Rai added.

Why is it that we have to wait for someone to enforce a rule that is for our safety and security? says Safeena Ahmed, School Teacher.

A rule that is implemented across India purely for our own safety should be followed by everyone.

In fact, the wearing of helmets should be considered like a prescribed medicine for your own safety and good health, Safeena added.


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