City NGO Gives Animal Welfare A Technology Boost

App for helping Stray Dogs
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There isn’t a single day that goes by in this city without a report of stray dogs being subjected to cruelty of some kind. Unfortunately.

Pune has witnessed a huge increase in animal abuse, be it dogs or larger animals.

Saare Jahan se Achaa city based Ngo has now worked to making it much easier for animal lovers to unite and work for the welfare of these animals.

“Volunteers who look after stray dogs from their area and vicinity and are involved in their feeding, vaccination and sterilization will now be able to use this free app to help the voiceless ,”says Raja Narsihman, Founder of the application.

Every stray dog will be collared by the respective volunteers of the area. These collars will have an NFC inbuilt chip to store details about the dog. The chip can be read easily on the android phone, making it easy for the volunteers. The App will also have features for assistance on adoption, foster care and rescue.

People can register as fosters or adopters, and every case for adoption or fostering will be approved by a buddy head.

Injured strays can be registered on the application with a picture and description and onsite volunteers and doctors will arrive for the treatment.

He further elaborates that, “Once a dog is fed by the buddy, other people from the area will get a notification that this dog has been fed, similarly it will work with medications.

The couple aims to end the human-animal conflict through campaigns and drives with this step to build an application which strives to update animal lovers on the health of every stray in the city.

The cost of the collar is nominal and can be easily made available after the launch of the application. It works by creating a link between the indies, buddies (volunteers), buddy head or the ward office head.

The indies are stray dogs, the buddies, the volunteers who are unaware of the treatment or inexperienced people who feed the stray dogs regularly in the area and hence need to more inputs.  Buddy heads are the people who are more experienced and Vets who have been working for the welfare of the animals.

“The application also have games which includes scoring on the bases of the task performed by the volunteers, to motivate the good work going in,” he adds.

Raja and his wife Priti hope that app helps to spread the important of animal-human peaceful co-existence. This will also hopefully speed up the sterilization drive in the city and control the population of the strays.

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