City Model Tushar Pawar Aims To Nurture Pune’s Fashion Talent

Tushar Pawar
Tushar Pawar - Winner of Mister Asian International Photogenic 2019

Pune’s young model Tushar Pawar was recently awarded the title of Mister Asian International Photogenic 2019 at a glittering pageant in Bangkok (Thailand) last month. 

Tushar Pawar
Tushar Pawar – Winner of Mister Asian International Photogenic 2019
Pawar topped the competition that saw 20 other contenders from across the globe to win the international competition. He won a photo-shoot with an international modelling agency.

Sharing his experience at the international pageant, Tushar said, “It was an honour for me to have represented India on a global platform and win the competition. It is indeed a sense of pride to win a title for my country. The title of Mister Asian International Photogenic 2019 is a result of honest efforts taken by me under the guidance of my trainers.”


Tushar now wishes to promote Pune city as an upcoming fashion hub and catalyse exposure for local talent on global platforms. He proposes to encourage and motivate the youth of the city by being their role model.

Speaking to Pune365, Tushar remarked, “While Pune has the identity of being an educational hub in the country, the city’s potential is not optimally leveraged in the fashion sector.

Tushar Pawar

While the best of the amalgamation of fashion sense is seen in this city, it lacks appropriate channelising and this is my goal, adds Tushar.

This talented model now aims to establish a grooming centre In Pune to professionally leverage the potential of the candidates by equipping them well to be able to participate in International competitions.

According to Tushar, entering the fashion industry as an outsider makes it difficult for people to understand what it takes to compete with various others globally and this becomes a stumbling block. This is where I intend to make the difference, adds Pawar.

“Todays fashion era demands presentation along with calibre. However, when an outsider steps into this world, it becomes difficult for a newcomer to grasp these intricacies of the fashion industry in that naïve initial phase. However, with the correct exposure and training at the beginning of this journey, the candidate can excel.

It is my aim to promote such inherent talent of the city through my institute which I propose to set-up soon, adds Tushar.


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