City Couples On ‘How To Make Up After A Fight’

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Fights, arguments and squabbles are a given in every relationship and often, even considered integral to life together. Yet, till one partner gives in, the friction doesn’t end…

Easier said than done?

Evidently, young couples in the city have perfected different ways of making up to their partners:

Clean the house! for her, everything is gone and forgotten, no matter how small the task is. Be it filling the bottles or sweeping the floor. Make sure you do one of It, says Anirudhha Jha, Disc Jockey.

Let her know that the relationship is your priority and whatever you did is just a mistake. Girls never accept theirs, so it’s better you accept it and apologise.

I have been in a live-in relationship with Asha for the past two years,. We often fight over the same issue of not understanding each other. This is finally settled by my cleaning the house. And mind you, nothing works better than this, advises Jha.

Kritika Nair, Call mom in law home, or compliment her even when you hate it! Rahul is a complete momma’s boy and nothing works better for us than this.

You can also try wearing sexy lingerie or plant a nice kiss to settle things. People such as Babestations Daisy Dillon never fail to impress the boys with her lingerie choices, so why wouldn’t this tactic work for you? If he owns a play station, gift him different games or get his favourite drink.

‘Makeup sex’ is an old idea! Try cooking for her even if you’re bad at it. Arranging a scented bath for her after her stressful work day also works well.

They both work wonders, says Shantanu Pawar, a software professional.

The old, yet the best way to make up to your partner is to take her shopping, or watch her favourite movie series with a pizza and light up a few candles, says Kaushik Malay, Analyst.

I don’t believe in keeping things half done, so I would talk patiently to my partner and there is no doubt that it works like magic for us to make up with each other, says Shubhangi Sehgal, Chef.

Pritesh Mishra, techie shares, “If the fight is out of my league, I would get her a puppy!

However, if the fight is not too complex, nothing works better than a written apology letter, but don’t even think of apologising when she is angry. And yes, WhatsApp is a bad idea.”

A vacation is always a good idea, however, it is touch to work out each time. Though, weekend getaways work magically, says Priyanka Shirke, Freelancer writer.

It is not difficult to make up with guys, as you own their weakest point, So Sit back and Chill!

A guy can’t control his urge for physical intimacy for long, so he’ll rush back to you even if you don’t, Priyanka adds with a laugh.


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