City Couples Ditch Wedding Rings In Favour Of Tattoos

Couple Tattoos
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All set to get married and in search of the perfect wedding ring?

If this is you, this may just be the idea you were looking for. Couple Tattoos! They are now trending the world over with couples ditching the solitaires for these exquisite tattoo rings and couple tattoos.

Pune has got onto this trend wagon pretty quick with the demand for couple tattoos growing in the city. 

Abhishek Sharma, a tattoo artist says, “The demand for finger tattoos is certainly growing. Customers who are about to get married, or already married opt for couple tattoos which incidentally, is not only restricted to the fingers.

Getting tattooed with your partners name may seem outdated, but there are many new interesting ways to do it, a Numeric tattoos is one among them, in which the letter number technique is inked to get your partner’s name.

Other than that, the ambigram tattoos are highly in demand. These have two sides with each side having one of the names.

Sometimes the demand is unrealistic, and it gets very challenging to live up to the expectations of people and that too in one tattoo on a finger with limited space.

Moreover, fingers have thin layers of skin which makes the process more difficult for the artist and painful for the customer. Strokes of the tattoo machine have to be kept low.

Customers must always check the needles before they’re used, Sharma adds

“Nothing can quite match a tattooed wedding ring that stays forever,” quips Alisha Singh, a social media executive.

couple tattoos

I am not fond of diamonds, but yes I am fond of tattoos.

I feel obliged to let people know that we’re together and hence, I thought it would be perfect to have one and decided to engrave his name on the ring finger, Alisha adds.

“Gone are the days where diamonds are the girls best friends. They have now been replaced by these trending couple tattoos,” says, Tejal Mayekar, Artist.

Moreover, rings can be replaced, changed and misplaced, but tattoos stay forever.

At best it will fade but not vanish. There are innumerable ideas for couple tattoos, but we have decided to get inked with a roman number for the dates we met, adds Tejal.

“Finger tattoos are now replacing engagement rings, though it is easier to decide on a ring than a tattoo,” quips, Rohit Sehgal, PR executive.

I was never fond of rings and find it difficult to wear one. And instead of fighting over not wearing a ring, we decided to get a couple tattoo and ditch the diamond ring plan.

We learnt German together and decided to get it in German and it reads ‘bis uns der Tod trennt‘ which translates to ’till death do us part’, Rohit adds

A couple named Sneha and Akshay who recently got married, inked each other’s heartbeat on their ring fingers along with a pink heart on it.

Sneha recalls,”I still remember the confusion we had in our minds and the series of thoughts we encountered the day we went for our tattoos.

All we knew then and now is that they’re permanent and romantic. Our tattoo defines the infinity symbol which also includes our initials, meaning never-ending loops.


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