#ChildSafety: Some Toys May Be Unsafe- Adult Supervision Essential

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A recent report indicated that choking is a major cause of death among children under 4 years.

Most choking accidents are attributed to the accidental swallowing of small toys, coins, button cells etc.  In a recent incident, a four-year-old swallowed a button battery at his home which led to choking, His parents however managed rush him to the hospital where an endoscope was used to remove the foreign body.

However, several reported instances point to parents resorting to home remedies in the case of small children swallowing objects inadvertently. These remedies often result in serious damage and can even threaten the life of the child.

The rising of such vulnerable accidents of swallowing such hazardous things has become a matter of concern for everyone.

Speaking to Pune365, Ashish Naik, Software professional, says, “I have a 3-year-old daughter who once fell asleep with a coin in her mouth.

It was fortunately noticed by a neighbours kid who spotted something shiny in her mouth. With gods grace that this didn’t lead to anything serious.

We had no clue that she had this coin and put it in her mouth. Post this incident, we are extra careful and ensure that her toys have no small parts or batteries that can be swallowed by her. We even keep plastic spoons and pet bottles out of her reach, Ashish added. 

Tragically, I lost my niece in a similar accident when she swallowed a battery cell and my sister realised it only when saw her foaming at the mouth, says, Shweta Mulay, Customer Relationship Manager.

This happened a year back when my niece was 4. She was playing with her toys as usual and my sister was doing her chores.

By the time my sister realised it was far too late and though she was rushed to hospital, she was declared dead on arrival.  Shweta adds “It was really very unfortunate. A lot of toys nowadays use button cells and they pose a huge danger to the little children.

Parents definitely need to be more cautious with the type of toys they’re getting for their little children. 

Above all, toy companies should ensure such battery cells are hidden and secured in the toy where no child can access it, she added.

Responding to this, city Paediatrician Dr Anjali Rawat, remarks “There has been a rise in such accidents and every other week, the hospital gets one such case rushed into the emergency department.

The round shape and shiny appearance attracts the children and they end up putting it in their mouth and then swallowing it. The button gets lodged in the food wipe and if it is charged it produces hydrogen gas resulting in the blockage of the food pipe.

However, if it travels to the stomach, the kid may pass it through the stools, but it is always best to have the child examined by a doctor. Most often, the kid may not be able to explain what he or she is feeling.

Dr. Anjali further cautions, “Parents and caregivers need to be extra careful and strictly avoid any home remedies. If you find or suspect that the child has accidentally swallowed anything, rush the child to the doctor immediately.

Parents should strictly avoid giving anything to eat or drink and even honey that may be  recommended should not exceed 6 doses.

Additionally, any battery operated toys should be kept out of the reach of children and play time with them must be only under adult supervision. Ideally, give only child proof toys that have no such risks.


#All views reflected in this article are those of the respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. All medical information mentioned is for reader awareness only and is not to be construed as professional advice/remedy.

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