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Be it just zero or a curvy-plus sized. Every girl dreams of becoming a fashionista and walking the ramp at an early age. But, are we progressive enough to accept a plus sized obese woman walking the ramp for our favourite brands ?

Body shaming is something that has happened time and again and it still prevails. It is also a major reason for people getting into depression.

While other countries have welcomed curvy-plus sized woman into the fashion and television industry with open arms, India’s glam world is still coming to terms with accepting them as “human beings” and not targets of derision.

But hey! The tables are turning now and the perceptions are changing in India.

Pune recently witnessed the country’s first-ever beauty pageant for plus-sized woman.
We here have some super women who have broken this stereotyping and have proudly walked the ramp.

Unlike other beauty pageants, where women with an ideal 36-24-36 figure are appreciated, Miss and Mrs. Curvy Queen 2017 West India encouraged plus sized women to be comfortable in their own skin and flaunt those sexy curves.

“I am very confident as a person but yes, the way you look does affect your psyche somewhere down the line. This pageant was a very personal journey to me more than anything else,” says Monika Dularey, Mrs. Curvy Queen 2017 and also a mother.

“As I am on the heavier side, whenever I dressed up, I always looked for clothes that would cover me up. But during our grooming sessions for the pageant, my mentor told me that I too have an hourglass figure.

“This boosted my confidence and hearing this at my age, really made a difference. My shopping experience has now changed a lot,” she added. At times, it’s even difficult to convince your own-self to accept such challenges. “When I saw this concept first on social media, I said to myself that this is something I want to do.

“We always see those skinny or slimmer ladies on the runway walking for fashion shows.

“I still uninterestingly went for the auditions and I saw many contestants who were very confident in their own skin. This made me ask, why not me,” said Ms Sameera  Thombare, second runner-up, Miss and Mrs. Curvy Queen 2017.

“I wanted to prove to myself, my people and to the society that curvy is beautiful as well.

It’s not necessary to be skinny to walk the ramp; It’s about being healthy but not skinny. All it takes is, a right opportunity and a whole lot of confidence and support,” she adds.

Payal Soni, a professional plus size model and Miss Curvy Queen 2017, says “Loving yourself and staying happy is my mantra. Initially all the taunting about my figure and size have affected me a lot, but now I am oblivious to such comments which makes me more confident and a better person.

“This pageant taught me to be patient. Also, the way I carry myself now is what matters and I am happy with that.

“It is difficult now for a plus size model to make a career in the fashion industry as there is limited acceptance. But yes, the mentality is changing. There are plus size clothing brands who want models like us, so opportunities are gradually increasing,” she added.

“Being a 20-year-old, this journey was an exciting and new beginning for me,” says Miss Sumedha Salian, First Runner up of Miss and Mrs Curvy Queen 2017.

“It was a platform for all age groups and yes this entirely changed my perception towards plus size modelling. I want to be a brand in the future so that I can encourage plus size modelling and relate better to this segment so that they are not depressed about their body and body weight,” she added.

Loveleen Kaur

Loveleen Kaur

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